Dec 062012

ALDI Veggies

I just cleaned out the fridge, and it became apparent that we were in need of an ALDI shopping trip. I also needed to fill up the freezer with meat, and ALDI meat sure is more affordable than my that in my regular grocery stores. I was thrilled to shop with my first ALDI coupon, which made my savings even bigger.

Aldi groceries

Next week I will be doing a lot more ALDI shopping, because we are hosting a holiday party, and ALDI is our go-to place for frugal party shopping.

ALDI Coupon Shopping:

Purified Water 24 ct $2.29

Lean Beef $7.72

Fresh chicken tenders $3.12

Chicken thighs $4.66

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29

1 gallon milk $2.89

Broccoli $0.99

Cauliflower $0.99

2.53 lbs of bananas $1.11

Grape tomatoes $0.79

Green Peppers $0.99

2 lbs red grapes $3.49

Cucumber $0.59

Total $32.41

– $5 off $30 ALDI coupon

Total out of pocket $27.41

Total saved compared to the competitor $13.50 (See the grocery price list in the top navigation bar)


Did you find any ALDI coupons in your local paper this week?

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