$5 ALDI Coupon Alert!!



Oh my, I am in shock. An ALDI coupon has appared in a South Florida newspaper. Thanks to FIF reader Janice, I am thrilled to announce that TODAY you can find a $5 off $30 ALDI coupon in the Fort Lauderdale Sentinel.

For an ALDI shopper like me, this is very exciting, and I am thankful to Janice for bringing it to my attention. You can find this $5 ALDI coupon in the Fort Lauderale Sun Sentinel on page 12A!

I have yet to get my hands on this fabulous ALDI coupon, but I cannot wait for my frugal husband to bring it home later on.


Thank you Janice!

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4 Responses to $5 ALDI Coupon Alert!!

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  2. Susan says:

    No coupon in the Charlotte NC area. : ( Maybe next week.

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  4. carol wimpee says:

    New Aldis in Lake Park Floridaa

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