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Throwing a holiday party for family and friends can be exciting and expensive, but thanks to ALDI party foods there is now a way to keep a gourmet party on a frugal budget. ALDI has lots of affordable holiday party food and drinks, and even specialty cheese, award-winning wines and decadent desserts can be found at ALDI at low prices.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that a fun party does not need to be overwhelming for the host, and now that I am pregnant with three boys running around, simple and easy are the main keywords behind my party preparation. This is why I set out to host a frugal holiday party with easy-to-serve holiday party foods that demanded minimum preparation.

The only cooking I did before the party was boiling eggs, and the only baking I did was making red velvet cupcakes and fudge brownies from ALDI cake mixes. Simple, easy and stress free, this is the perfect way to start a holiday party. ALDI has lots of great gourmet desserts and holiday food in the ALDI holiday catalog, and by adding these gourmet treats to the holiday menu it is possible to make a feast for 15 – 20 people on a $100 party budget.

Here in South Florida we are lucky that we can have holiday parties outside (in shorts) all year round, which makes cleaning up after our holiday party easy, so we decided to go for a backyard Holiday party this year. The weather was perfect, and we had a great turnout. With 5 adults and 10 kids, we had a great intercultural holiday party where the dreidel was spun, the kids talked about Christmas, Hanukkah and cultural and religious traditions were shared across religious lines.

The Holiday Party Food:

We started out with a feast of appetizers, all of which were made from gourmet cheeses, meats and great-tasting veggies. ALDI has a fantastic selection of holiday party food, and we served our guest a fabulous buffet with white wine salami, luxurious ham, creamy Havarti cheese, smoked Gouda, cream cheese, egg salad sandwiches and much much more.

ALDI party food

The guests were offered award-winning wines such as the Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc as well as the Vina Degana Tempranillo, and the Nature’s Nectar Sparkling red grape and white grape juice cocktails (non-alcoholic) were the big hit. These sparkling non-alcoholic drinks were especially popular among the youngest guests, who loved their bubbly drinks.

We set up the the party food on our patio table, and the guests dug in choosing their very favorites. The ALDI wine salami was a big hit, and so were the ALDI Havarti and smoked Gouda cheeses. All the delicacies were served on cocktail rye bread as well as ALDI crackers such as the Savoritz Pita Crackers, Savoritz Entertainment Crackers, and Savoritz Garden Vegetable Crackers.

Aldi holiday food

Simple egg sandwiches were served on ALDI Honey Wheat and ALDI Butter Bread as an alternative to the crackers with ham, salami and cheeses. This week ALDI has colored peppers in orange, yellow and red on sale at 2 for $1.29, and these beautiful peppers added a splash of color to the buffet table.

We also took advantage of the great prices on fruit at ALDI this week, and the fruit platter was extremely popular with both kids and adults. With fruit prices such as 4 lbs of sweet naval oranges for only $1.79, and perfectly ripe pineapples for $1.49, a fruit platter became very affordable. Even though the grapes were not on sale, they were still a pretty good deal at 2 lbs for $3.59, and sweet grapes are always popular at any party. Each week ALDI has about 4 specials on produce, and planning your holiday party menu around these great produce deals will help you keep a low party budget.


Holiday Party Food Favorites:

 ALDI Specially Selected Smoked Gouda Cheese 7 oz $2.99

This ALDI Gouda Cheese was a bit of a gamble for me, as I had never heard of Gouda cheese.  The Gouda Cheese has a distinct smoked hickory aroma, which put me off at first, since it reminded me of meat. Thankfully the actual hickory flavor is less distinct, and this somewhat mild and sweet cheese did add variation to the appetizer table.

ALDI Specially Selected Creamy Havarti Cheese 8 oz $2.99

This ALDI Havarti cheese is a favorite at our house, and it is one of those splurges that we often add to our grocery list. It is the perfect addition to a holiday party because of the mild and pleasing flavor, and it goes great with all kind of crackers. At 2.99, the price is $1 – $2 cheaper than at our local grocery store, and this is the only Havarti cheese, which I have found to taste like the Scandinavian original. The ALDI Havarti cheese was a hit with the kids at our party, because of the mild and creamy flavor.

ALDI appetizersALDI Specially Selected Pino Grigio White Wine Salami 8 oz $3.99

This week ALDI has wine salamis as a weekly special, and I thought it would be a great addition to the buffet table. Surprisingly the kids loved the white wine salami, and even our mailman who stopped by for a quick minute was a fan. The Specially Selected Pino Grigio White Wine Salami is all natural and minimally processed, it comes in a nice packaging, and it was perfect with the Entertainment Crackers from ALDI.

ALDI Appleton Farms Naturally Smoked Cured Ham $2.99/lb

The sliced Appleton Farms Naturally Smoked Cured Ham is always a great addition to any party we have, and the price is great for any party budget. I love it, because it comes thinly sliced, which makes meal preparation a lot easier, and the thin slices are great for appetizers and a cheese table.

ALDI Sparkling Juice Cocktails 25.4 oz $2.29

Both the adults and the kids enjoyed the ALDI Sparkling Juice Cocktails, and I should have picked up two bottles more. This is a great non-alcoholic alternative to serve at a holiday party, and the kids also loved mixing the two.


 kids bowling

After devouring the appetizers, the kids played basketball, horse shoe and bowling in our backyard, and there were joyous laughs, exciting thrills and kids screaming everywhere. The kids had invited their best friends from school, our neighbors came by, so did good friends, and everyone got along perfectly. With 10 kids ages 1 – 10, the party quickly went into high gear, and luckily good manners and good behavior kept any problems away.

 holiday desserts

The Holiday Desserts:

Thanks to the buffet table set up of appetizers and fruit, it was easy to clear the table, before we brought out the holiday desserts. The holiday desserts were many, and the kids had especially been looking forward to this part of the holiday party.

The holiday dessert buffet was filled with red velvet cupcakes, fudge brownies, chocolate cranberries, chocolate coins, peppermint bark, cookies and holiday pies. I barely got to take photos, as the little hands dove into the treats faster than I could click the camera button.


Holiday Dessert Favorites:

red velvet cupcakesALDI  Baker’s Corner Red Velvet Cake Mix 18.25 oz $1.29

The is Baker’s Corner Red Velvet Cake Mix called my name at ALDI, as it seemed perfect to have red velvet cupcakes at the holiday party. ALDI had sent us their holiday sprinkles, and the ALDI Baker’s Corner Vanilla Icing always holds up well even in the South Florida heat. I have learned that homemade icing cannot resist our hot days, and at $1.29 the ALDI icing is a great and easy alternative. 

The red velvet cupcakes were easy to make, and we ended up with 24 cupcakes out of one box of cake mix. They were delicious, and the kids seemed to love them too.


ALDI Choceur Peppermint Bark 9 oz ALDI Peppermint Bark

The ALDI Choceur brand is one that I always trust to deliver high-quality decadent desserts and sweet treats. This is why I was not surprised to discover that the ALDI Choceur Peppermint Bark is amazing. The mix of peppermint and dark chocolate is superb, and this peppermint bark comes in a charming red tin box that is perfect to serve it in on special occasions


ALDI browniesALDI Baker’s Corner Fudge Brownies Mix 18.30 oz $1.29

The Baker’s Corner Fudge Brownies Mix is another one of those perfect, simple addition to any party, and it is a great way to keep the dessert cost low. These fudge brownies are easy to make, and all you need to add is egg, water and oil.

The brownies turned out to be chewy, sweet and have a great chocolate taste, which is why they disappeared quite quickly at the party. We got lots of compliments on the Baker’s Corner Fudge Brownies, and our guests had a hard time believing that this was a store brand mix.


 Besides all of the goodies above, we also treated our guests with two delicious ALDI holiday pies and our all-time favorite ALDI’s mini cream puffs. These cream puffs are such a delicious treat that they vanish in a matter of minutes, and the only preparation needed for the pies and cream puffs are leaving them out to be defrosted for about an hour.


Holiday desserts

I am often asked, how the ALDI brand products compare to national brands, and my answer is that I am constantly impressed with the high-quality of ALDI foods. If you are looking for a way to celebrate the holidays and special occasions with your family, friends and neighbors without going over budget, ALDI can help you do so.

We had a fun holiday party with lots of great-tasting food, decadent desserts and great company. Thanks to the easy-to-serve treats, easy-to-make appetizers and gourmet food from both the ALDI Specially Selected collection and the basic ALDI brand foods, fruits and vegetables.

As a pregnant and busy mom-of-three I am especially thankful that the high-quality ALDI holiday party food and holiday desserts make hosting a holiday party easier, simpler and less stressful.


ALDI Holiday Hours:

If you are looking to do some last-minute holiday party food shopping, check out the following ALDI Holiday Hours.

Christmas Eve December 24th: 9 AM – 4 PM

Christmas Day December 25th: CLOSED

New Years Day: January 1st: CLOSED


You can check out your local ALDI deals, holiday hours and ALDI holiday food here, and make sure to follow the ALDI Facebook page, to keep up to date on the latest ALDI news.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received ALDI gift certificates to facilitate the review. Any opinions expressed above are entirely our own, and they are based solely on the guests’ and our own family’s experience with the ALDI holiday party food and ALDI holiday desserts.  

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  1. I love, love, love Aldi. With 3 boys & one large man child of a husband, Aldi really helps me stretch my food budget!

  2. Even though Aldi has great prices, they have an amazing selection of food items. I love just browsing through their shelves to see what they carry. You are so lucky to have one nearby.

  3. Aldi is my husband favorite! All those great cheeses and wines.

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