Dec 022012


Baby Guide

As parents of three boys, we  are very excited to be expecting a little girl, and to celebrate Frugality Is Free will go into baby mode in the beginning of the new year.

From January through March 2013, Frugality Is Free will run an extensive Baby Guide. This series will feature great baby products through a big review and giveaway event, which will include baby gift ideas for baby showers, welcome home gifts, maternity gifts, as well as baby products parents need for the first year of the baby’s life.

The Baby Guide will also feature an articles series with tips for new and expecting parents through articles such as “What To Buy For Baby“, “A Maternity Guide“, “How To Make Homemade Baby Food” and much more.

If your company has maternity or baby products that you would like to have featured through a review or a review/giveaway as a part of the big Baby Guide event, please don’t hesitate to contact the Frugality Is Free family at or use the contact tab in the top navigation bar.

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