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solar walkway lightAfter searching for the perfect solar light for our entrance way, I finally found what I was looking for at Hammacher Schlemmer. The Best Solar Walkway Light from Hammacher Schlemmer is just what we needed, and we have been very impressed with the performance of this solar light.

The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute has named this solar walkway light the best in the category, and this is a distinction I can agree with. Not only does this solar light emit a pleasant white solar light, but it also has the largest solar panel that I have seen in solar walkway lights.

The Best Solar Walkway Light is tall, sturdy and gives ample light after dark. It charges throughout the day, and it can either go on automatically once darkness sets, or you can turn it on and off manually. What is especially impressive about the Best Solar Walkway Light from Hammacher Schlemmer is that it will charge even on a cloudy day.

I was concerned about how the Best Solar Walkway Light would react to rain, but it has passed the test with flying colors, and it still works great.  The ground stake is also very solid, and it ensures that the solar light does not tip over despite windy South Florida weather.

Thanks to this excellent solar pathway light, we now have a way to light up our entrance path without having to worry about the extra cost on our monthly electricity bill. While the Best Solar Walkway Light provides a great light source at nighttime, it does not light up as well as our regular electricity powered backyard light.

solar powered batteries

The Best Solar Walkway Light works thanks to two solar powered rechargeable batteries, which will need to be replaced after a couple of years. Taking apart the solar light to change the batteries is easy, and the only tool you need is a small screwdriver.

 backyard solar light

Great Things About the Best Solar Walkway Light:

  • It is solar powered
  • It is tall and sturdy – 23 1/2 inches tall
  • It lights all night
  • It can switch on and off automatically or by the use of a manual switch. 
  • It can charge even on a cloudy day
  • It has a 100 percent stainless steel frame
  • It has high-impact polycarbonate lenses


Hammacher Schlemmer logo


About Hammacher Schlemmer:

Hammacher Schlemmer is company with a strong 164 year history, and the company is still going strong. The small family company has grown from a small hardware store in New York City before the civil war to become a leading catalog and online company. Hammacher Schlemmer prides itself on selling unique, high-quality products that last, and the result is a comprehensive collection of products for the home.


Buy The Best Solar Walkway Light

You can buy the Best Solar Walkway Light at Hammacher Schlemmer. Hammacher Schlemmer also has lots of other great outdoor lighting and outdoor living products, which will make great holiday gifts.



Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Solar Walkway Light from Hammacher is a great holiday gift for the man in your family. Not only is it a great source of outdoor night-time light, but it will do so without adding to the recipient’s energy bill. The Best Solar Walkway Light is also a great gift for frugalistas, friends and family who are concerned about the environment, and anyone in your family, who is trying to keep their home safe and lit without the extra expenses of electricity powered lighting.




Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Best Solar Walkway Light sample for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Best Solar Walkway Light from Hammacher Schlemmer.

  9 Responses to “Best Solar Walkway Light From Hammacher Schlemmer Review (Holiday Gift Guide)”

  1. $75 each is way way way out of my price range. and then, according to the page you are linked to, these lights are no longer available … not just out of stock

  2. This light is very attractive too. Nice addition to a walkway.

  3. wow, $75 does seem like a lot, but it is very attractive!

  4. This Solar Walkway light would be perfect for me,its attractive looking and would attract people.

  5. We have been looking into getting some solar lights, and I like what I hear from this review. I am going to share this with the hubs and maybe we have found a fit!

  6. i would love to have 10 lights around my drive

  7. I was just shopping for solar lights for the walkway this week, I am going to check into these, they look nice!

  8. we’ve been looking into lights like this for our front walk, thanks for taking the time to review them!

  9. nice looking light and like that it can still charge on cloudy days

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