Dec 242012


Since I was heading to Publix, I made a quick stop at CVS first to pick up some holiday candy for the Christmas Eve Candy platter. I spent a lot more than I usually do at CVS, but my boys will be thrilled, when they see the platter tonight.

CVS Candy Deal:

3 x Hershey’s Candy on sale at $3 each = $9 – ($1.50/2 Hershey’s Candy coupon RP 12/4) = $7.50 ($2.50 each)

CVS Clear Scalp Shampoo $2.49 – (Free CVS coupon) = $FREE

– $1 CVS Extra Bucks from previous shopping trip

Tax $0.48

Total out of pocket $6.97

Total saved $10.96

Received $2 CVS Extra Bucks Back for buying 3 x Hershey’s candy


Do you make a candy platter for Christmas?


  3 Responses to “CVS Candy Deal: Saved $10!”

  1. It’s shame you didn’t need that for candy for Wednesday it likely would be free by then. But for today that is still an awesome deal. I just spent $16.00 for some homemade candy that was top notch but it was only 30 pieces of candy and it was on a super sale as it normally runs about $2.00 a piece. The pieces are so small I can’t believe it runs almost $2.00 a piece normal but I have watched it fly out of the store most weeks for that price. I got three tiny boxes for $16.00 after tax. Way too much but they were Christmas gifts.

    • Jenna, I was thinking the same thing at CVS, and might have gotten a betters deal a few weeks ago too….but with three boys in the house, I have to wait until the last minute:)

      Merry Christmas!

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