Dec 022012

Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points

It is time for the annual Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points at the ABC Family page, and if you make sure to get these daily bonus points every day, your Disney Movie Rewards account will grow significantly by Christmas.

How To Get Your Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points:

  1. Go to your Disney Movie Rewards account and sign in
  2. Then go to the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Page
  3. Look for the Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Point image
  4. Click this DMR image, and your points will be automatically added (you have to be signed in to DMR though)


Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points December


Today’s Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points image looks like the above.

You can always find the latest Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Codes and points in the top navigation bar under Rewards, Points & More.

sure helps out big time

  2 Responses to “Get Your Daily Disney Movie Rewards Bonus Points From ABC Family”

  1. It’s frustrating. I went on the 1st and couldn’t find one….it said there wouldn’t be any on the weekends. I now missed Dec 1-2. Dec 3 is posted though

    • That’s annoying for sure Jax. I hate missing out on these important points, because they sure help a lot. I know you have a lot more points than me though. I’ve only made one redemption so far.

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