Dec 112012

Publix Kashi Deal

I had a bunch of errands that I needed to get done today, but after a trip to the pediatrician and Publix I had run out of energy. Walking simply isn’t as easy anymore, as the baby belly is getting heavy, and I am relunctantly realizing that I have to start giving up a bit of my independence until this little one is born.

I did manage to pick up the great Kashi deal at Publix, and my oldest son sure is going to be thrilled to see that there is watermelon in the fridge.

Kashi Deal:

6 x Kashi Cereals on sale at $2.99 each = $17.94 – (3 x $2/2 Kashi cereal coupons) = $11.94

2 x Kashi Pizzas on sale at $5 = $10 – (2 x FREE Kashi Pizza Publix coupons wyb 3 Kashi Cereals Yellow Adv. Flyer) = FREE

Watermelon $2.58 – ($1 off Fruit wyb Kashi cereal coupons) = $1.58

1.51 lbs of bananas $1.04  – ($1 off Fruit wyb Kashi cereal coupons) =0.04

– $5/$30 Publix coupon from mailer (You can also use a $2/$25 Doris coupon from Recyclebank)

Subtotal $8.55

– $6.22 Publid Gift Card from last Publix Shopping Trip

Total out of pocket $2.34

Total saved $37.56


  3 Responses to “Publix Kashi Deal: OOP $2.34 Saved $37”

  1. Where did you get all your Kashi coupons?

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