Dec 052012

Macy's Deal Carter's Baby Dresses

The latest $10 off $25 Macy’s coupon was simply too tempting, so I made it to the mall with my youngest son this morning. I have actually been to the mall three weeks in a row now, but this was the first time that I actually spent any money. Yes, it is true, I left the mall without spending a penny the first three times due to lack of deals. Thankfully, I am done with any holiday shopping, so I do not have to buy anything.

Today I finally made it to Macy’s, I think I have shopped at Macy’s three times in about six time, so it was quite change. I was rather surprised to see how busy Macy’s was, and it surely did not seem, as if there was an economic crisis. This is quite contrary to my visits to JCPenney, which looks rather deserted for it being the busiest shopping time of the year. All the Macy’s customers were armed with Macy’s coupons and a lot of clothes in their bags, so I guess this is where all the previous JCPenney customers have gone.

I did find some cute summer outfits for my baby girl, and yes summer may seem like a long time away, but we are still walking around in summer clothes on most days in South Florida.


Macy’s Coupon Deals:

Carter’s 2 outfits (summer dress and one piece) on sale at 50 percent off = $12

Carter’s 2 outfits set (summer dress and shorts/tank set) on sale at 40 percent off = $13.20

Total $25.20

– $0.92

– $10 off $25 Macy’s coupon

Final price $16.20

Total saved $30.80


I was quite thrilled with my deals, as I got 4 outfits for $16. I am still looking for the perfect first outfit to bring my little one home in from the hospital, but I have not found anything that called out her name yet.  


Have you been Macy’s coupon shopping lately?

  6 Responses to “Macy’s Coupon Deals: Baby Clothes $4 Per Outfit”

  1. I am shopping at Macy’s very often (because of the coupons). Very cute outfits.

  2. I have received 2 JCP $10 off $10 coupons in the past month. Hopefully, they will begin offering coupons again. One was mailed to me and the other I one I received via email.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

  3. I also received an email $10 off $10 JCP coupon. I do have a card, but haven’t used it in years. I wish that they would get back to this. I have a JCP in my town, but sadly no Target or Macy’s. I admire your clothing savings.

  4. I do have a JCP card but have not used it in years. I also havent ordered anything online. I havent shopped at JCP in months.

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