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Target Christmas Clearance

It is December! At our house, we have started pulling out the holiday decorations, and after a few years of Target Christmas clearance shopping, my Holiday decoration boxes are filled to the rim.

When we first moved to Florida, we only had one small box with Christmas decorations, but every year our collection has grown thanks to all the Target Christmas Clearance finds. I usually wait until the Target Christmas clearance goes to 70 percent off, before I start shopping, but then I bring my list. Once the Target Christmas clearance makes it to 90 percent off, I pick up any extras such as bonus wrapping paper, expensive decorations etc.

So every year, I sit down in the beginning of December and try to put together my predictions for the Target Christmas clearance schedule, below you can see what I am expecting this year. This is also the time, where I try to put together an envelope with appropriate Target and manufacturer coupons for the clearance sale.

Take a look at my Target Christmas clearance schedule predictions for 2012, these are based on previous years Target holiday clearance sales.


Target Christmas Clearance 2012:

  • December 21st Until Christmas: Some stores will start marking holiday goods down at 15-30 percent off.
  • December 24th – 26th – 30 percent off Target Christmas clearance sale
  • December 26th – 28th – 50 percent off Target Christmas clearance sale
  • December 29th/30th – 70 percent off Target Christmas clearance sale 
  • (December 29th/30th  – 50 percent off Target Christmas Candy clearance sale)
  • January 4th – January 7th 90 percent off Target Christmas clearance sale 

The Target Christmas clearance schedule varies from store to store, which is why I have left the variations. I have made the above recommendations for the Target Christmas clearance schedule, based on the previous years Target clearance dates.

If you need inspirations for your Target Christmas clearance list, or if you want to get a price estimate, check out my 2011/2012 Target Christmas Clearance posts below:

December 30th: Target Christmas Clearance 70 Percent Off 

January 6th: Target Christmas Clearance 90 Percent Off

 Target Christmas clearance

The Target Christmas clearance sale has much more than just clearance on decorations, in fact if you shop smart you can save yourself a lot of money. The Target Holiday clearance sale includes everything from holiday decorations to holiday cards, packaged gifts, stocking stuffers such as small toys and my big thing wrapping paper. I always stock up on wrapping paper, when the Target Holiday Clearance sale goes to 70 and 90 percent off. The best part is that not all of the wrapping paper is holiday themed, and it is easy to find wrapping paper that can be used all year round for as low as 25 cents. I keep my holiday paper in an upright box in the pantry, this way it is easy to access the wrapping paper I need for whatever occasion I am wrapping.

While there is still a while until the Target Christmas sale start, it is not too early to prepare. This week there are some great coupons in the Sunday paper, which will be great for the Target Christmas clearance sale including Scotch tape coupons and Solo coupons. Other great coupons to look for and save for the clearance sale is scissor coupons, zip loc container coupons, glad ware, glade, Kleenex etc, as these companies all have holiday variations that will go on clearance after Christmas.  

I am including this Target Christmas clearance post in the How To Be Frugal series, because living a frugal lifestyle means knowing when to spend, and when not to spend. This is a great time to start cashing out for Target gift cards at any of your online earnings sites, etc. as you can stretch your money far at the Target Christmas clearance sale and the Target toy clerance sale in January.

For Target holiday clearance updates, make sure to check out the Target Christmas clearance tab in the top navigation bar under CLEARANCE.

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