Dec 202012


red chairpads

The Target Christmas Clearance sale has begun, and while most holiday items such as trees, holiday cards etc. are at 30 percent off, some Christmas decor, plates, tablecloths etc. are already at 50 percent off. So bring your Target holiday coupons with you, and save big on Target Christmas clearance.

I was close to picking up a new Christmas tablecloth for about $3 after coupon and clearance, but then I spotted these two chair pads, which fit perfectly for our kitchen table chairs. We only have two chairs, because of the kitchen bench, so the two red and very comfy Threshold chair pads were a perfect fit.

My Target Christmas Clearance Deals:

2 x Threshold Chairpads on clearance at $4.98 x 2 = $9.96 – (2 x $3 Threshold holiday coupons) = $3.96 ($1.98 each) (Were $9.99 each)

Tax $0.24

– $0.05 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Total out of pocket $4.15

Total saved $17.03


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  2 Responses to “Target Christmas Clearance 50 Percent Off + Coupons”

  1. Since school was cancelled tomorrow, looks like the kids and I will be making a trip to Target! 🙂

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