Dec 142012

Between planning our holiday party, school award ceremonies, doctor’s appointments etc., there has been little time for shopping, which means no extra spending this week. I am thrilled that our garden is giving us plenty of lettuce and herbs, and we have peppers, tomatoes and hot habanero peppers just waiting to ripen.

I am very excited to be $7+  under budget on our regular grocery shopping, and our holiday party was sponsored by ALDI, so there were no out-of-pocket expenses there.


Check out my ALDI Deals



ALDI groceries

ALDI produce


Check out my ALDI grocery deals

I spent $26.16 at ALDI

I saved $17 at ALDI


grocery cart

See my SPONSORED ALDI Holiday party food shopping (Spent $0.53 – Saved$100)


Check out my Publix Deals

Publix Kashi deal

Publix BOGO 

Check out my Publix Kashi deal trip

See my Publix BOGO trip

I spent $26.57 at Publix

I saved $105.68 at Publix



My Weekly Totals

Weekly Grocery Spendings $52.73

Weekly Grocery Savings Family of 5 $122.68

Clothing & Extras Spendings $0

Clothing & Extras Savings $0

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $52.73

Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $122.68


Link up below and share your savings, so that everyone else can find your deals too.

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