Dec 112012
It surely does not feel like winter here in South Florida, not even like the regular Florida winter. With temperatures at 85, occasional showers and a high humidity, it feels more like spring or early fall. The winter garden is loving it though. Do you have a winter garden?
Scotch Bonnett Peppers
winter tomatoes
Winter lettuce
winter lettuce
Green pepper plant
red hibiscus
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  7 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday Linky: The Winter Garden”

  1. It’s so nice seeing garden photos in the winter! Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  2. What a lovely garden! Great captures!

  3. love to see garden pictures ! makes me feel alive..:)


  4. No wintergarden would end up under snow and die

  5. I’m officially jealous now! 85.. ugh.. we are at a balmy 24 today! Tho we did hit 71 Dec. 1 that was a shocker for us. No snow yet here in IL, still in major drought conditions. Enjoy your winter garden!

  6. I love the photos; your hibiscus is especially pretty!

    I don’t have a garden of any sort. I really wish I liked vegetables more….then maybe I’d think more about growing my own food.

    Happy WW!

  7. I SO LOVE fresh veggies. Although that one looks like chocolate. LOL Thanks for sharing your great photos. I think I’ll go eat some carrots.

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