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With three boys in our family, the wish for a girl the fourth time around was almost unbearable. When we finally got the confirmation that we were in fact expecting a baby girl, my desire to buy girl clothes grew to new heights. Up until this point I had refused to purchase a single piece of baby clothing, but I will admit that my eyes still longed for all of the pretty dresses. I even spent a great deal of time browsing my favorite second-hand online store ThredUp both for boy and girls clothing, and it was definitely a form of window-shopping therapy, while I waited to find out, whether we were expecting a boy or a girl.

So on the day that I found out, I was expecting a baby girl, I treated myself to a big shopping spree. I have always told my husband that, if we ever had a girl, it might be expensive.

When I first discovered ThredUp through a review, I ordered clothing for my oldest son, and I was very impressed with the quality of the second hand clothes. This is why I knew that I could stretch my money far at ThredUp, and since I had been saving up some ThredUp earnings for this very day, I went all out.


ThredUp Box

As with any other store, shopping at ThredUp is an experience, and not all clothing at ThredUp is a good deal. I am not particular to expensive brand names, and since I do a lot of clearance shopping, I knew that I could buy some of the clothes just as cheap on clearance at Target. No matter what some clothes will also look more worn than others, but I figured that dresses and bathing suits were the items that were the least worn.

While my boys had no interest in picking out dresses, they did insist that I get our baby girl some bathing suits, because the beach is like our second home.

I decided to only buy dresses, bathingsuits, and a couple of pretty two-piece sets, but the amount of clothing that I got for my money was extraordinary. I was disappointed to find that ThredUp had very little clothing for newborn to 9 months, and the pieces they did have were too expensive for my taste. So, I instead focused on getting my baby girl a big wardrobe of pretty dresses from size 12 months to 2 years. After three boys, I have a big desire to dress up my little girl in beautiful dresses of all colors.

I selected the sizes I wanted, and then I started browsing for all of my favorites. After going through all of the clothes under $5, I had more than $200 worth of clothes in my cart. Since I had signed in, the items were saved in my cart, and I will admit that I spent a few hours browsing in between cooking etc. At this point, I began weighing every piece of clothing carefully in regards to value, size, colors etc. I slowly started eliminating some items, until I finally started nearing the $50 point.

How To Shop at ThredUp

  1. Chose the gender and sizes you are looking for
  2. Then select price low to high to find the best value
  3. Now start browsing
  4. You get $10 off at ThredUp, if you sign up here.
  5. Shipping is $6.95, so you can purchase an item around $3 and get it free or for pennies, you can buy 3 items for your $10 ThredUp sign up bonus and pay only around $6 for shipping ($2 per item),or you can spend $40+ to get free shipping, and then use the $10 discount to only pay only $30 for all of your items (Around $3.33 per item).
  6. After you sign in, browse through all of the clothing, and then when you are done, start selecting your favorites.
  7. You can use the looking glass tool to inspect the clothing up close.
  8. You can pay with debit, credit, Thred Up earnings or Paypal
  9. Expect your order to arrive in 3 – 5 business days


My ThredUp Order:

Baby Girl Dresses


  • 12 mo – Carter’s Tank Top/Sleeveless Top info $2.49
  • 12 mo – Carter’s One Piece Outfit info $2.49
  • 12 mo – Vitamin Kids Tank Top/Sleeveless Top With Shorts And Hat info $2.99
  • 12 mo – Cherokee Dress  with bloomers $3.49
  • 12 mo – BT Kids Dress $3.49
  • 12 mo – Joe Fresh Dress $3.49
  • 12 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
  • 18 mo – Children’s Place Dress $3.49
  • 18 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
  • 18 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
  • 18 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
  • 18 mo – Carter’s Tank Top/Sleeveless Top With Shorts info $2.99
  • 18 mo – Sand N Sun One Piece Bathing Suit info $2.49
  • 18 mo – Children’s Place Tank Top/Sleeveless Top info $2.49
  • 18 mo – BT Kids One Piece Bathing Suit info $2.49
  • 24 mo – Penelope Mack One Piece Bathing Suit info $3.99
  • 24 mo – Sweet Heart Rose Dress info $3.49
  • 24 mo – Wonder Kids Dress With Bloomers info $3.49
  • 24 mo – Blueberi Boulevard Dress info $3.49
  • 24 mo – Blueberi Boulevard Dress info $3.49

Shipping & Handling FREE (on orders of $40+)
-$6.25 from 10 percent discount code 

Used $50.44 in ThredUp savings – (You Get $10 if you sign up for ThredUp here, and I do too, if you use your $10 sign up bonus.)

Order Total $7.61 (Paid with Paypal)

Refunded $2.99 from an item, ThredUp did not feel met their quality level.

Total out of pocket $4.62!

Even without the ThredUp savings, the amount of clothing that I got for my money was amazing. I got 20 outfits for $58.05 before discounts, and many of the dresses even came with bloomers. This is a final price of $2.90 per item, which is less than the regular price of a second-hand dress at my local thrift store, and at the thrift store the selection is limited, plus it is rare to find like-new clothing there. If I had bought all of the above pieces as new, I would likely have paid around $250 – $300. The two  beautiful Blueberi Boulevard Dress would have cost me around $50 at Kohl’s at regular price, and even on clearance Blueberi Boulevard Dresses only make it to as low as $14 each.

Let me just tell you that I waited for my ThredUp box like a little girl on Christmas Eve, I could not wait to touch and feel, let alone finally put my eyes on these dresses and outfits that I had ordered for my baby girl. On the 5th business day, my ThredUp box finally arrived, and while I was initially disappointed at the small size of the box, the disppointment quickly dissipated.

As I opened my ThredUp box, the clothing was wrapped beautifull, with a silver sticker saying “Enjoy!”

Enjoy I did!

I unfolded one carefully folded, beautiful dress after another, and as I went through my ThredUp order I was elated. I carefully inspected every piece of clothing, and I did not find one stain, not one loose thread, not one mistake – the clothing from ThredUp was once again immaculate and in great condition. In fact 90 percent off my ThredUp order looked as if, it had never even been worn. To my surprise there was a note on the receipt, that I had been refunded $2.99 for an item, which ThredUp did not feel met their standards during the ship out inspection.

Take a look at my ThredUp bargains:

Size 12 Months

 Baby Girl Dresses

Size 18 Months

Used Baby Girls Dresses


Size 24 Months

Cheap Toddler Girl Dresses


If you would like to give ThredUp a try, I can highly recommend it. I would of course love it, if you would sign up under me. If you do, you get $10 towards your first purchase, and I get $10 to spend on my little girl, once you make your first purchase. You can sign up for ThredUp here.


If you do sign up for ThredUp, I’d love to hear about your experience. What did you buy, and were you as happy with your order as I am with mine?

  4 Responses to “The Baby Guide: Get A $10 ThredUp Discount (Shop for Free!) – 20 Outfits For $4.62!”

  1. I’m so happy for you to be able to buy girls clothes! I know the feeling I have 3 boys myself and well I long for the girl, though for me due to my blood pressure, I am done. 🙁 My girl came in the form of a 4mth old puppy 🙂 Enjoy your princess! The only princesses I have to buy for are my niece’s (which I LOVE buying clothes for) and my own little Princess, Miss Georgia. Best of luck to you!

    • Debbie, I completely understand. I did not think it was going to happen, and of course I’d have been happy, even if we had another boy. I know that I am extremely fortunate to be having a daughter, and this is it for me, so it is extra special knowing that she will be my last baby.

      Hopefully your boys will give you lots of granddaughters one day, then you get to spoil them rotten with lots of pink:)

  2. Love ThredUp!

  3. Wow! These clothes look brand new! I will have to check this out for the grandkids.

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