Low ALDI Fruit Prices – Sale Ends Today!

Aldi fruit

This past week ALDI has had great prices on fruit, but the sale ends today. I stocked up on fruits last week, but last night, I realized that we were almost out of fruit already. So, I decided to go stock up again today, because these prices will change tomorrow, and the likelyhood that fruit will be on sale again is small.

Check out my ALDI fruit deals:

3 x 4 lbs naval oranges @ $1.99 each

3 x 1 lbs strawberries @ $1.49 each

2 x blackberries @ $0.99 each

2 lbs grapes $3.69

2.43 lbs of banans $1.07

Broccoli $1.59

ALDI Shortbread cookies $1.19

ALDI whole wheat bread $1.29


Total out of pocket $21.34

Total saved $13.19     (compared to prices at our regular grocery stores)


Did you buy fruit at ALDI this week?

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