Jan 112013

ALDI produce

Yesterday I was able to make a quick stop at ALDI to pick up some greens, milk and cheese, which is a lot cheaper than at our local grocery store.

ALDI groceries

ALDI Grocery Deals:

3.88 lbs of bananas $1.71

Roma tomatoes $1.29

Cucumber $0.35

10 lbs Russet Potatoes $2.99

Broccoli Crowns $1.59

Strawberries $1.99

Havarti Cheese $2.99

Gouda Cheese $2.99

Cheese Cubes $1.99

1 gallon skim milk $2.89

Eggs $1.69

Steak $4.74

Hamburger buns $0.89

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29


Total out of pocket $29.38

Total saved $12

(compared to our regular grocery stores)


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