Jan 042013


Tonight I finally put together the annual grocery savings and spendings for our family, and I am thrilled to see that I kept the $65 weekly grocery budget, which we had set for our family of 5 this year. We spent an average of $63 a week on groceries for our family of 5, which is $9 less on average than last year. (I did not include vacation weeks)

With three growing boys including a tween, and a baby on the way, I expect next year’s weekly average to go up, so I am aiming for around $70.  

This year we increased the amount of fruits and vegetables without spending more by shopping at ALDI and doing price matching at Walmart.


Frugality Is Free Annual Spending and Savings:


In 2012 the Frugality Is Free family spent a total of $3098 on groceries, and we saved a total of 5583!

In 2012 the Frugality Is Free family spent a total of $795 on clothing, gifts and extras, and we saved a total of $3199.


Our family consists of Mom, Dad and three boys ages 10, 6 and 3.


To see each week split up by stores, saving methods and more check out the Weekly Savings Linky tab here at Frugality Is Free.

How much did you spend on a weekly basis in 2012?  How many members are in your family?


If you have an annual totals post, please feel free to share it below, so that we can see how you did in 2012.

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