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For the past seven years I have spent thousands of miles together with my little ones and our stroller, because wherever I go, my little ones and the stroller go with me. Whether it is walking to or from events, play dates, school or shopping, the stroller is a steady companion, so when I recently discovered the Baby BeeHaven See ‘N Store Stroller Organizer,  my first thought was “Why didn’t I get one of these years ago?”

Stroller Organizer

The Baby-BeeHaven See ‘N Store Stroller Organizer is a much more than a regular stroller organizer, because it is also a multi-media stroller organizer, where you can secure your tablet or portable DVD player and keep your little one entertained, while you are on the go. At first I thought this was a bit of a strange feature, but after a full day of shopping with my three-year-old son, I realized the genius of the multi-media stroller organizer, when I put him in front of a television in the kids store and finally had some quiet shopping time.

After the arrival of the See ‘N Store multimedia stroller organizer from Baby-BeeHaven, shopping with three boys in tow has become much easier. Not only does it help with my youngest son in the stroller, but his two older brothers stop bickering, once I turn on the DVD player. With a baby girl on the way, I am doing a lot of shopping, so I am very thankful for the See ‘N Store multi media organizer.


Stroller Organizer

Even without the multi-media function, the Baby-BeeHaven See ‘N Store Stroller Organizer is great, and I am very impressed with the ease of installation to the stroller. I simply pulled it over the handlebars, and the eleasticity in the organizer kept it tightly attached to the stroller. Our Teutonia Mistral stroller has a handlebar, which can be reversed so that I can put it in the rear-facing position in case I want my little one to be watching a DVD, and I can put it in the forward facing position whenever we are out, and I want him to watch his surroundings. The See ‘N Store stroller organizer from Baby-Bee Haven works great for both purposes and in both handlebar positions, and it does not interfere with the easy adjustment of the handlebars.


stroller organizer

This stroller organizer has plenty of room with the five storage pockets for all the essentials such as my phone, mp3 player, sun glasses etc., and it even has enough room for a water bottle, a small snack, a book and whatever else I need, whenever we are on the go.

My husband’s first comment was “Now, you can actually hear the phone, when it rings.” The thought actually crossed my mind on my first stroll with the See ‘N Store stroller organizer, because I could actually hear my phone that day. It really is a huge benefit to have easy access to my phone, and I have not missed a call on my walks, since I started using the See ‘N Store. I used to miss a lot of calls, whenever I was walking in areas, especially if I was walking in a high-traffic or noisy area, because my phone  was burried in my purse. With the see-through net holder for the phone on the stroller organizer, I never miss a call.

The easy access to my camera is another plus, because before I always had to dig around in my large purse to find it, and I also love the fact that the See ‘N Store stroller organizer makes it possible for me not to carry around my bulky purse.



  • The See ‘N Store stroller organizer is simple and easy to attach to the stroller.
  • The See ‘N Store stroller organizer fits on most strollers
  • The See ‘N Store stroller organizer has lots of storage room with 5 storage pockets for many different uses
  • The See ‘N Store stroller organizer has a perfect cell phone storage through an easy access net pocket.
  • The See ‘N Store stroller organizer is great for keeping little ones entertained while shopping.
  • The See ‘N Store stroller organizer provides easy access to my camera, mp3 player etc.



  • You will need to have your own tablet sleeve in order to use it with the multi-media stroller storage from Baby Bee Haven.
  • The multi-media organizer works with most rear-facing and traditional strollers but not all.


 multi-media stroller organizer


About Baby-BeeHaven:

Baby-BeeHaven is founded by Heather, a working-mom of two. Heather started Baby-BeeHaven, when she could not find a multimedia organizer for her stroller, and this was the beginning of a collection of practical products for mom and baby. Besides the See ‘N Store multimedia stroller organizer, Baby-BeeHaven also sells the Cush ‘N Go memory foam stroller cushion, the Dream Feeder arm cushion for nursing and the Swingin’ Smart bucket swing seat cover, all products made by a parent for parents.


Baby-Bee Haven logo

Buy It

You can buy the The See ‘N Store stroller organizer from Baby Bee Haven at the Baby-BeeHaven website, at Wayfair or in-store at select Learning Express Stores. Click the Find Us tab to see more places to purchase the See ‘N Store multimedia stroller organizer.

If you order two or more items from the Baby-BeeHaven website, you get free shipping.  


Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a product of their choice from Baby-BeeHaven as a part of the 2013 Baby Guide.


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Baby Guide


The See ‘N Store Stroller Organizer from Baby-BeeHaven is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because it helps any new parent stay organized while on the go. It keeps baby and toddler entertained, whenever mom is shopping, and quiet shopping is time is worth gold, when you have little ones. It is a great baby shower gift, because it makes life easier for any new mom.



This giveaway will end Monday February 18th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary See ‘N Store Stroller Organizer sample for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the stroller organizer  from Baby-BeeHaven.

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