Jan 222013

Better world books discount

Today there is a fantastic book sale at Better World Books, and you can get some great prices on used books – especially kids books.

This past Christmas each of our boys got a huge box full of books with their interest, and it paid off big time. Our 10-year-old son is now reading for pleasure for the first time ever, and he no longer has to be encouraged to read. It is such a treat to see him in his room reading, and because of it he is watching a lot less television too. Our 6-year-old son is now reading chapter books, and he has even made a mental reading list of the books he wants to read next.

The book boxes were full of used books that I had put together from thrift stores, used online sales and library sales, and they were tailored to each boy. One of my favorite places to find books for the boys is at Better World Books, because when they have a sale, the prices are great and they offer free shipping.


How To Get The Best Deal At Better World Books:

  1. Start shopping at Ebates to get 3 percent back on your Better World Books discount order, or start shopping directly at Better World Books.
  2. Click on the Popular Catergories tab, and go to the Bargain Bin tab.
  3. Choose your genre, start with children’s if you are only looking for children’s books etc.
  4. Choose 5+ books and you get 40 percent off + Free shipping
  5. (The sale books will have a SALE sticker on them, once you put them in your cart)
  6. You can pay with debit card, credit card and Paypal

The sale is a flash sale, and it is only goof for one day…until tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 at 4pm EST) You save 40% on orders of 5 or more used books in the Bargain Bin that ship from Better World Books. (Not valid on new books or books that ship from other sellers.)

One of the things I love about Better World Books is that it is easy to find specialized books on specific topics, or if you are child have a book on his or her wishlist, do a search and you may just get lucky. My oldest son had a couple of fiction books on his wishlist, which were follow ups to the book he is currently reading. Thanks to this Better World Books sale, I was able to find each of them for only $2.09 for each with free shipping.

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