Jan 302013
Red baby girl dress

310996_thredUP Save 80% on Practically New Kids' Clothes

If you are a Frugality Is Free reader, I am sure that you know how much I love ThredUp. Why? Because I can buy beautiful dresses for my baby girl at very affordable prices. Today you can get FREE shipping at ThredUp, when you use the coupon code FREESHIP! (Today ONLY!) I had $10 in ThredUp credit, and I had been waiting for a free shipping offer. This meant that I was able to get 3 beautiful dresses for $1.97 including shipping.

ThredUp accepts paypal, which makes it sooooo easy to shop, and if you purchase more than 2 products, they ship with UPS, so the shipping is quick and fast. I am thrilled to be able to add the three beautiful dresses below to my baby girl’s princess wardrobe.

If you have never shopped at ThredUp before, you can get $10 off your ThredUp order, when you sign up for ThredUp here. Once you are signed in to ThredUp, you can start adding clothing to your cart, and the clothing will be reserved for you as long as you are signed in.

You can read more about my ThredUp experience here.

Today’s ThredUp Order:

ThredUp order


ThredUp is an online consignment store, which specializes in selling children’s clothing in like-new conditions. In the past year I have bought many, many beautiful baby girl dresses at ThredUp, and every single one has been stunning.  My only regret is that ThredUp only sells clothing from size 12 months and up, but being frugal is all about thinking ahead, so when I can get a great deal, I buy dresses for my baby girl in sizes 12 months – 3T.


You can sign up to ThredUp here!

  3 Responses to “Free Shipping at ThredUp (Today Only!) I Got 3 Dresses For $1.97 Shipped!”

  1. Those are cute dresses. I’ve never seen anything I was impressed with for Elliott, but there are some cute things for little kids.

    I’m not supposed to be buying new clothes for Elliott anyway. He has entirely too many already.

    • Carla, no matter what I think little girl clothing is a lot more fun to shop for than boys clothes:) The little girls dresses is where I find the best value at ThredUp, as a lot of the separates for both boys and girls can be found cheaper on clearance. A lot of the dresses come with bloomers or accessories as well, which makes it an even better value.

      What do you do with Elliott’s old clothing?

      • I agree with the pricing on separates. I very rarely pay full price for anything for Elliott (mostly just fundraiser shirts, or something like that). A lot of the prices on thredup, I wouldn’t pay even brand new on the same brand.

        We still have a lot of Elliott’s old stuff. We keep about half of it, and then give away most of the rest of it. We sold about $100 worth of his outgrown clothes at a yard sale last year, and might do that again this year. A lot of his stuff is still in great condition when he outgrows it, because he always has so much. One of my friends always says Elliott has more clothes than her three kids combined, and she’s only half joking I’m afraid. He actually wears all of his clothes, but some of them he does only wear a few times before he outgrows them.

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