Jan 122013

kohl's clearance

Last night I sat down and sketched out a mall shopping trip for today, which would include a trip to Kohl’s looking for Kohl’s clearance, Target and the mall before ending up at a big playground as a reward for the boys in case of good behavior. We started out at Kohl’s, where I was hoping to find a pair of shoes for my oldest son, who is now into men’s sizes.

The luck was on our side, because they had a pair of Tony Hawk skate shoes on sale at $19.99 that my son liked. When we went to scan them we lucked out even more as there was a special gold box clearance price at $14.99 in addition to our 15 percent of Kohl’s coupon.

Of course, since I was at Kohl’s I had to check out the baby girl clearance, and once again we lucked out with extra gold box clearance prices. The prices beat Target’s clearance prices on baby girl clothes, and there were so much to choose between that I had a hard time narrowing it down.

When I am out browsing the clearance racks I look for everything size 3 months to 4 years, because this way by the time my little girl reaches 4 she will have a complete wardrobe all bought at around 80 percent off.


Check out my Kohl’s Clearance Deals:

Tony Hawk Skate Shose on Kohl’s clearance at $14.99 (Were $49.99)

Jumping Beans scooter on clearance at $2.40 (Was $16)

Jumping Beans scooter on clearance at $2.40 (Was $16)

Jumping Beans tights on clearance at $1.80 (Was $12)

Jumping Beans t shirt on clearance at $1.80 (Was $12)

Jumping Beans fleece pants on clearance at $2.10 (Was $14)

Jumping Beans fleece sweater on clearance at $2.10 (Was $14)

Jumping Beans fleece sweater on clearance at $2.10 (Was $14)

Carter’s leggings on clearance at $1.05 (Was $14)


– $4.62 Kohl’s 15 Percent Off Coupon

Tax $1.57

Total out of pocket $27.69

Total saved $144.02


If you are looking for some great deals on toddler and baby clothes, Kohl’s really has some great prices at the moment. I was not as excited with what I found in the big boys department, but I was thrilled to find the shoes I was looking for in the Kohl’s clearance section.


You can get your 15 percent off Kohl’s coupon here, or you can use Kohs coupon code SKATING to get 15 percent off any purchase, or use Kohl’s coupon code SLEDDING to get 20 percent off $100 or more. You can always find the latest Kohl’s coupons in the top navigation bar here at Frugality Is Free under COUPONS.

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