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Baby knee pads

With tile floors throughout our home, I know from past experience that knees easily takes a beating once the little ones start crawling. This is why I have been searching for the best baby knee pads, as I do not want our little princess to be covered in bruises once she starts to crawl.

In my search for the best baby knee pads I came across Lil’ Melon, which has baby knee pads in many different designs and in several sizes. Most of the baby knee pads come in size small (9 – 16 months), but Lil’ Melon also offers select knee pads in toddler sizes (14 – 36 months).

baby knee pads


The baby knee pads from Lil’ Melon is made of a stretchable soft cotton fabric, and these baby knee pads have holes in the back to increase air ventilation and thereby prevent skin irritation. The ventilation feature was one of the points that sold me on the Lil’ Melon knee pads, because it gets quite warm in South Florida, and ventilation to the skin is definitely needed.

The padded front area is made with silicone traction to prevent slipping, and there are lots of cute designs to choose between. These baby knee pads are made from 80 percent cotton, 10 percent nylon and 10 percent elastic. The Lil’ Melon knee pads are surprisingly soft and flexible, which makes these knee pads comfortable for the little one to wear. The knee pads are also easy to take off, and put on, and there are no straps or closing mechanisms involved. You simply put the knee pads on, as if you would put on leg warmers by pulling them on.

What’s Great About The Lil’ Melon Baby Knee Pads:

  • They come in a soft, stretchable material
  • They have holes in the back to increase ventilation
  • They are light weight, and do not weigh much more than a pair of socks.
  • They are easy to mashine wash
  • There are many cute designs to choose free
  • They come in both baby and toddler sizes
  • The Lil’ Melon baby knee pads have been CPSIA approved (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act).




Buy It

You can buy the Lil’ Melon Baby Knee Padsat Amazon.com for only $14.99 or at at www.lilmelon.com, or you can buy a gift set with 2 pairs of baby knee pads with gift packaging for only $27.50.



Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a set of Lil’ Melon Baby Knee Pads in their choice of design as a part of the Baby Guide.


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Baby Guide


Lil’ Melon is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because of their cute and practical collection of baby  knee pads with adorable designs. Baby knee pads help babies crawl without getting bruised, and the baby knee pads from Lil’ Melon makes great baby shower gifts.



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This giveaway will end Wednesday February 27th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary baby knee pads  for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the baby knee pads from Lil’s Melon.

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  31. i love the monkey ones!

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  33. I like the monkey ones

  34. i love the Monkey Baby Knee Pads

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