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Shushybye Baby DVD

Shushybye Baby DVDTo celebrate the new season of Shushybye on Baby First, Frugality Is Free is giving away a special Shushybye Baby 3 DVD collection, which includes 26 episodes with the popular children’s program  Shushybye.

The new season of the multi award-winning and critically-acclaimed children’s television show Shushybye will debut Sunday January 27th on BabyFirst – America’s parent and child television channel. (BabyFirst is available on DirecTV, Dish Network and Comcast.)

On Saturday I parked my three kids in front of the television set at at local children’s clothing store, and my youngest son exclaimed: “I know them!”, as the Shushybye program came on. Amazingly all three of my boys became very quiet once Shushybye Baby came on, and I was able to do some baby girl shopping in peace and quiet next to them.  

Michael North is the lead singer on the Shushybye DVDs, and he has a certain way of captivating the young audience with his calm and rhytmic songs centered on every day themes and the most popular Shushybye theme of dreams.

The Shushybye DVD Collection include:

  • 26 all-new complete Shushybye episodes
  • 56 Shushybye music videos
  • 60 Original Shushybye songs in all
  • Over 40 fun-filled story-vignettes starring the Shushies!


About Shushybye:
Shushybye is a full of entertainment for preschool aged kids, and the brand includes the national television series, a  national radio show, Video On Demand programming, series of bedtime storybooks, toys and plush dolls, music CDs, DVDs and sleepwear.

The Shushybye programs are all about dreams, dreams made by the Shushies who live in Shushybye villages such as Nap Valley, Snore Shore and Slumber Heights.The children have to go to bed on time in order to get their Shushybye dream, and the kids make their dream wish before they go to sleep. After making their dreams, the Shushies place the dreams in Dream Boxes that are transported on the Shushybye Train and transports to children who fall asleep on time.


What Does The Frugality Is Free Family Think:

We think that the Shushybye Baby series is great for little ones under 3, because of the short episodes, simple themes, fun characters and the great music. The music makes everone want to get up and dance, and even bigger children may be tempted to show off their moves once the Shushybye songs start playing.




Watch It

The new season of Shushybye will debut Sunday January 27th on BabyFirst – America’s parent and child television channel. BabyFirst is available on DirecTV, Dish Network and Comcast. You can also learn more about Shushybye at the Shushybye website http://www.shushybye.com.


Buy It

You can buy the Shushybye Baby DVD Collection at http://www.shushybye.com.


Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win the 3 DVD Collection of Shushybye as a part of the Baby Guide event.

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Baby Guide


The Shushybye Baby 3 DVD Collection is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because of the great music which makes little ones want to move, dance and sing. It is a great DVD collection, with short episodes and fun characters that the kids can laugh, sing and dance with.


This giveaway will end Wednesday February 20th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary Shushybye DVD samples for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Shyshybye children’s program and the 3 DVD Collection of Shushybye Baby.

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  1. I like Dozie.

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  3. Dozie is my favorite.

  4. i like Starbright

  5. Zeez! We’re a lot alike! haha

  6. Zeez is my favorite.

  7. Dozie is ridiculously cute!

  8. Zeez

  9. Starbright

  10. I like Zeez

  11. Starbright is cute

  12. zeez is sweet

  13. I love Zeez

  14. I like Snoozles. Thank you

  15. Zeez is sweet!

  16. Zeez is my favorite!!

  17. dozie!

  18. Zeez

  19. Zeez

  20. I like Zeez

  21. DOZIE is my favorite

  22. Zeez

  23. We like Zeez

  24. Dozie is our favorite.


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  27. Dozie! She is adorable and I love her hair!

  28. Geez is our favorite. My daughter & I have just found these videos for my Grandson & he loves them.

  29. Dozie is my favorite

  30. starbright

  31. First I’ve heard of them. Looking forward to figuring out which I like.

  32. Dozie.

  33. I like conductor McCloud.

  34. I am going with Dozie

  35. Dozie =)

  36. Zeez!

  37. I like Dozie. thanks

  38. I like snoozy.

  39. Zeez is my favorite

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  41. dozie, she is fun

  42. omg flashbacks from when my 4 yr old was a baby LOL…he loved zeez

  43. Zeez is our fav

  44. dozie

  45. I like snort and wheez

  46. My sons favorite would be Conductor McCloud.


  47. Dozie

  48. Zeez is my favorite 🙂

  49. zeez
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  50. I like Dozie

  51. My fave is Snoozles 🙂

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  53. I’ve never seen the show, but looking at the site, I like Shushy.

  54. Definitely Dozie !

  55. My grandson loves all the characters and LOVES when the man sings (don’t know his name)

  56. my favorite is the Doo Wop group The Sleeptones and Shushybye’s Beatles Tribute band The Bedbugs

  57. good times

  58. The little one likes Starbright!

  59. Zeez is my fave!

  60. Zeez!

  61. Starbright

  62. Starbright is my favorite

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