Jan 182013
Gymboree clearance

I did a lot of shopping this week, as I found more great baby clothing clearance and the Target toy clearance sale finally hit 70 percent off. I wait all year for this toy clearance sale, and I am now finished shopping for the kids in our family. Now, the gifts just need to be wrapped up, and my relatives will get them to bring home, when they come to visit. Shipping gifts is extremely expensive these days, so shopping early and being able to send them back with visitors saves us a lot of money.

Our extra spending on clothes and toy went crazy this week though, but it is one of those things that I know will save us a lot of money the rest of the year, so I make sure to budget for the toy clearance sale. Stil, I will admit that it hurts in my frugal soul a little to spend this much money in one week…



Check out my Publix Deals


Publix grocery deals

Check out this great Publix Deals

I spent $24.47 at Publix

I saved $57.32 at Publix

Check out my ALDI Deals

ALDI veggies ALDI groceries

See my ALDI Grocery Deals

I spent $43.47 at ALDI

I saved $17.40 at ALDI

Check out my Gymboree Clearance Deals

Gymboree clearance Gymboree clearance


See my Gymboree Clearance Deals

I spent $25.35 at the Gymboree

I saved $215 at Gymboree


Check out my Kohl’s Clearance Deals

 Kohl's Baby Clearance kohl's clearance

See my 1st Kohl’s Baby Clearance Deals

See my 2nd Kohl’s Baby Clearance Deals

I spent $32.01 at Kohl’s

I saved $230.66 at Kohl’s

Check out my Target Toy Clearance Deals

70 percent off Target Toy Clearance

See my 1st Target Toy Clearance Deals

I spent $127.40 at Target

I saved $309.44 at Target


The Frugality Is Free Family’s Weekly Totals

Weekly Grocery Spendings $67.94

Weekly Grocery Savings Family of 5 $74.72

Clothing & Extras Spendings $184.76

Clothing & Extras Savings $188.77

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $252.70

Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $812.42


Link up below and share your savings, so that everyone else can find your deals too.

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  1. […] worry, we got lots of greens at ALDI this week:) Check out the Weekly Savings Linky for details of all of our weekly shoppping, you can link up your savings […]

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