Feb 042013
10 off 25 JCPenney coupon

JCPenney couponWow, guess what just came in my mail. A $10 off $25 JCPenney coupon!!! Perhaps you read my earlier post from this morning, where I expressed my longing for the old JCPenney coupons. Guess where I’ll be headed this week?

Finally after a year of colorful, but useless JCPenney catalogs in the mail…I’ll admit it some of them went straight to the recyclebin…we finally have a JCP catalog that matters.

The coupon came with the February JCPenney catalog, so don’t thow it out! If you are not signed up for the JCPenney catalog, you can sign up for the JCP catalog here (bottom left) and JCPenney coupons here.

JCPenney Catalog February

I have signed up for the JCPenney rewards program, but I never actually used it. The coupon says it is a reward for being a JCP rewards member though, which is why I’ve included this link.

The $10 off $25 JCPenney coupon is valid in stores and on JCP.com from February 4 – 18, 2013.

Did you get a JCPenney coupon in the mail this week?

  13 Responses to “Hot! $10 off $25 JCPenney Coupon”

  1. I got a $10 of $10 JCP coupon in the mail today… SO EXCITED!

  2. I am happy you got a coupon.

    I am not impressed with that store, merchandise selection is crappy, merchandise quality is very bad.

  3. I got a $10/$10 also. It was a single page mailer. I do t have a card, but did sign up for their rewards program years ago. Our closest JCP is in a failing mall. I wonder if that in combination with nationwide lower sales is why I got the one I did?

  4. I also got the $10/$25. It’s been ages since I’ve been to JcPenney. I may just have to make a trip over there.

    I think I’m more excited that I can actually see your little captcha thing and can comment again! =D

    • Amanda I’m thrilled that you can comment again too. I tried a lot of different things, but I didn’t think that anything had worked. If I take the caption off, I get hundreds of spam comments, and it actually ended up giving me trouble with my Internet host.

      • I do not know what was going on. Maybe my computer did an update and fixed itself. I completely understand, though. I got the bright idea to turn mine off last week and the next day i woke up to like 28 spam comments! That’s more than I get in like 3 months! Ha! It got turned right back on! 😉

  5. I too was excited to see a JCP coupon in my mailbox yesterday. I received a $10/10 coupon. Can’t wait to go shopping.

  6. It looks like I will be digging through my recycle can tonight.I had completely given up on JCP. I am glad I read your post.Thank You for letting us know.

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