Feb 062013

 ALDI Strawberries

I was excited to see that ALDI strawberries were only $0.99 this week, and since they are from Florida they are pretty much local around here. Despite stocking up big time on ALDI fruit last Tuesday, our fruit bowl was completely empty by Monday. I am craving fruits these days, and we are all trying to get as much vitamin c as possible to combat colds and flu season, so I suspect our fruit bowl will soon be empty again despite buying more than 15 lbs of fruit this week.

The oranges were more expensive than usual, but since we know that they are sweet and go fast, I decided to pick up two up two bags anyways. Thankfully, we have tomatoes and lettuce in the garden, so I did not have to pick these items up this week.

Since I am going into the very last stretch of the pregnancy, I also made sure to double up on the basics, since I do not want anyone to run out, in case I have to spend a couple of days in the hospital. Milk is a dollar more at Publix, and I know my husband will completely break our grocery budget, if he has to go to the store.


ALDI Deals:

2 x 1 gallon ALDI skim milk @ $2.89

Honey Nut Oats $1.69

2 x Instant Oatmeal @ $1.49

Large Eggs $1.59

2 x Whole Wheat Bread @ $1.29

Chicken thighs $3.50

Chicken Tenders $3.36

2 x 4 lb of oranges @ $2.79

3 lbs of gala apples $2.49

2.35 lbs of bananas $1.03

2 lbs of grapes $3.69

4 x Strawberries @ $0.99

Blackberries @ $1.69

Cucumber $0.50

Total out of pocket $40.42

Total saved $15 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery store)


What’s your favorite ALDI deal this week? Do you have a great price on strawberries this week?

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  1. I wish we had an Aldi around here. You don’t want to know how much strawberries cost here at this time of year. I have a hard time convincing myself to eat much fruit during the winter. Fresh fruit isn’t very good here right now, and it is really expensive as well. We mostly eat frozen during the winter.

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