Feb 282013

Yes, there has been a reason for my absence…. our baby girl has arrived.

Baby Bellamy Blue came to the world this past Monday, and she is a healthy little princess. The birth went great, and while her dad missed her arrival by a minute or so, she is finally here. She was 7 lbs 15 oz, 21 inches at birth, and she has lots of soft, completely black hair, caramel skin and beautiful dark eyes.

Bellamy Blue 

Bellamy Blue (her nickname) is now home with the rest of the Frugality Is Free family, and she fit right in. Her three big brothers are excited about the new addition to our family, and I am thrilled to finally have another girl in the house.



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  1. Congratulations on Baby Bellamy Blue! I’m sure your husband was heartbroken to miss her arrival. Did your son get to keep his own birthday?

    • Thank you Kristy! Yes, we made it home just in time to start decorating, the baby had perfect timing.

      • I’m sure you have tons of clothes for her already but there are two fantastic consignment sales coming up…Lolliposh in Plantation (April) and Just Between Friends (March) in Coral Springs. Both sales are great, have half off sales the last day and have clothes for older kids too. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!! I had a feeling after checking for the last couple of days and not seeing anything new that this would be your next post!!! Enjoy your new little lady!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ve been waiting to hear the wonderful news! ENJOY your new precious baby girl!

  4. Congratulations! love the nickname!

  5. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your little Blessing! I am sure her brothers are thrilled as well!’

  6. Congratulations! You are so blessed!

  7. So glad to hear it all went smoothly and you are all home safely!!

  8. Congrats! Love the names u chose.

  9. Congratulations!! So glad everyone is doing great!

  10. Congratulations!!!

  11. Congrats!!! Glad that you and baby are both doing well. I’m sure the boys are excited to finally get a sister to pick on.

  12. Congrats on your sweet princess! I’m so happy for you guys. And I’m also happy that big brother got to keep his own special birthday.

    Happy birthday to him!

  13. Baby Bellamy is beautiful!! Congrats again!

  14. Super big congratulations. I bet the brothers are so excited about her just as you and your husband!

  15. Yay!! She is here! Congratulations to all and I’m so glad you finally have a little girl in the house with you! You will have such fun with her!

  16. Congratulations! Beautiful baby & I love her name!!

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