Feb 022013

H & M clearance

This past fall one of our local malls in South Florida finally got an H&M store, and I have been eager to make a visit. I wanted to wait until they started having clearance though, so I decided to skip it the first season. Armed with a 20 percent off H&M coupon for signing up for their newsletter, and a 30 percent off H&M coupon from a sales alert, I knew I had to make a visit to our first H&M in reasonable driving distance. You can sig up for H & M coupons here.

H&M does not have a big clearance section, but I have always had great  luck clearance shopping at H&M, and the quality of their kids clothing is usually very high. When we lived up north, I purchased a nice winter coat and several warm fleece sweaters for my oldest son on clearance with a coupon. This was 10 years ago, and all of the items I bought have been through three boys, and they still look fantastic.

I did not find anything for the boys, but I found several pieces for our baby girl. I found a couple of items on the sales rack with a 3 on it, and a lot of unmarked items. I grabbed what I liked, brought it to the register, and it turned out that a lot of items was on clearance at $3 each.


1st Transaction:

2 pack long sleeve shirts toddler girl regular $9.95 on clearance at $3 – 30 percent off H & M coupon = 2.90

Organic hot pink long sleeve toddler girl shirt regular $9.95 on clearance at $3

Tax $0.36

Total out of pocket $5.46

Total saved $14.44


2nd Transaction:

Toddler Girls Disney Rapunzel shirt regular $14.95 on clearance at $3

Toddler girls corduroy pants regular $9.95 on clearance at $3

Toddler girls corduroy pants regular $9.95 on clearance at $3 – 20 percent off H & M coupon = $2.40

Tax $0.56

Total out of pocket $8.99

Total saved $25.86



Total spent at H & M $14.45

Total saved at H & M $40.33


For $14.45, I was able to get 4 shirts and 2 long pants, which comes to $2.41 a piece, and it is basically better than Target’s prices. I will definitely return to H & M, once they start clearancing summer clothing.


Do you shop H & M clearance for your kids?

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  1. Awesome !! I will sig up. Thanks

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