Feb 042013

boys socks clearance

I made a quick stop at JCPenney this weekend, when the kids and I were at the mall. After finding the great deals at H & M, Target and of course lately at Gymboree, the prices at JCPenney just did not seem very attractive. Still, we browsed the clearance aisles, and I did find a great deal on socks.

I found two six packs of boys socks for $3 each, which means $0.50 per sock. I also spotted socks on clearance in the girls section at $3 each, so there might be something for those of you with girls too. My youngest son was in need of socks, as I seem to have a lot of lonely socks after they have been two his two older brothers, in fact I just went through them the other day, and there were about 14 singles and 4 actual pairs left.

Lesson learned: Make sure to buy lots of the same kinds of socks in one size.


JCPenney Clearance Deals: 

2 x Arizona Boys socks 6 packs on JCPenney clearance at $3 each = $6 (Were $12 each)

Total out of pocket $6

Total saved $18


I was quite disappointed with the JCPenney clearance deals, but after a year of the anti-coupon, anti-sales policy changes at JCPenney, it sounds as if the new CEO is finally deciding to get back on track….it seems that the low sales numbers in store and online are finally making their mark. I just hope that JCPenney will get back on track to their old customers, before they have to start firing more people and closing stores. As for the low online sales, it might be a smart move for JCP to only list products that they actually have in stock. After several attempts at shopping online at JCP.com, I have finally given up, because the items I try to put in my cart are never in stock.


What are your thoughts on the “new” JCPenney.

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  1. I have never really been a JCP shopper, but I think I’ve only been in there once since they stopped with the coupons.

    Oh, and we only buy 2 different styles (one long, one short) for Elliott for socks now. Although he does buy an occasional package with different characters on them. Matching socks is probably my least favorite household chore of all. Now he can match his own socks! 🙂

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