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Burp cloths

One of the essentials in the first months after birth are burp cloths, because with a good burp cloth you can prevent yucky, hard-to-remove stains, as an infant’s spit up can leave yellow, impossible stains behind on the cutest baby outfit, your new after birth outfit, crib sheets etc.

When I was growing up, I remember my mom using old fabric diapers as burp cloths, because she had them on hand, they were large, covered a big area when needed, and they were easy to throw in the wash with the rest of the baby laundry.

So, when I received a bunch of small burp cloths at my first baby shower, I was puzzled by the small size, and I did manage to find myself a few old fabric diapers instead. The old fabric diapers are hard to come by these days though, and they are not cheap either.

I have finally found a great alternative at My Brest Friend, because My Brest Friend offers a great compromise between the old fabric diapers and the new smaller, slimmer and sometimes easy to miss burp cloths. Thanks to the My Brest Friend burp cloths, I have finally found something that works for me and my little one.

Burp cloths

With a dash of bright colors the My Brest Friend burp cloths have the right size, the right thickness, and they provide the coverage needed for even the big spit up episodes. These 100 percent cotton burp cloths have an extra absorbent protective leak layer, and they are extra large.

What I Love About the My Brest Friend Burp Cloths:

  • They are extra large – 20 x 18. oz each
  • They are 100 percent cotton
  • They have an extra absorbent layer
  • They come in a nice gift box and make a perfect baby shower gift


burp cloths

The My Brest Friend burp cloths come in a gift box, and they make a great gift for baby showers. They come in a pack of three for $14.95,  and you can get them in several colors including white with pink pattern, white with blue pattern or a pack with multi colors.


About My Best Friend:

The My Brest Friend product line is made by Zenoff, a company started in 1994 to create the perfect breast feeding pillow. My Brest Friend’s patented wrap-around design is now sold in more than 33 countries, and it is used in hundreds of NIC units and birthing hospitals across the world.  

The My Best Friend collection now includes several different nursing pillows, the maternity pillow, burp cloths and much more.


Buy It

You can buy the My Brest Friend Burp Cloths for $14.95 at the My Brest Friend website www.mybrestfriend.com.

Get a 20 percent off My Brest Friend discount, when you use the coupon code: Feb2013 online. (Expires 2/17/2013)

When you like My Brest Friend on Facebook, you will get a 30 percent off My Brest Friend discount.

My Brest Friend Discount





Baby Guide


The My Brest Friend burp cloths are a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because they help moms keep baby clothes and their own garments free of yucky stains. These extra large 100 percent cotton burp cloths come in a nice gift box that makes them extra perfect for baby shower gifts.


Upcoming My Brest Friend Giveaway

Make sure to check back soon to see the upcoming My Brest Friend giveaway here at the Frugality Is Free Baby Guide.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary My Brest Friend burp cloths samples for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the burp look from the  My Brest Friend collection by Zenoff.

  18 Responses to “Baby Guide: My Brest Friend Burp Cloths Review”

  1. I really like these burping clothes.

  2. These sound excellent, and are so cute! They’d make a great gift! Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. These look really great. I love that they are bigger than some of those on the market. A mom can never have too many burp cloths.

  4. These look like really nice burp cloths. They would also make a great shower gift.

  5. These look much bigger than most burp clothes. I like the cute patterns on these also. Have a baby -always need one of these when feeding and burping them.

  6. so gorgeous! if i was having a girl i would buy these right now!

  7. these come in handy

  8. i love them so cute

  9. Extra large area is indeed a plus; there’s always the times when they spit up the entire bottle it seems like, lol I’m glad they come in pink and blue 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  10. I really like the looks of these and the size is great!

  11. Much more cheerful than using a cloth diaper.

  12. I forgot about the necessity of these! Will have to get some for my son’s girlfriend.

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  14. Love all the colors/patterns they offer!

  15. I love how big these are!

  16. those are to stinking cute!

  17. This is a wonderful product and would make a great baby shower gift!

  18. They’re so stylish!

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