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I have always needed several pillows in order to get a good night’s sleep, but when pregnant the need becomes even bigger. As I am entering into the last stretch of my fourth pregnancy, I am especially feeling the need for extra pillows, and this is the first time that I have tried using a maternity pillow.

My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow

Initially, I was surprised at how small the My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow – the 3-in-1 Body Pillow, seemed, but as I unpacked and unfolded it, it started making sense.

My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow

The My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow is meant to support a pregnant woman’s body in the spots that need support, and it does just that. The bottom part goes in between the thighs, the middle part goes under the belly, and the top part of the My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow goes under your head.

My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow

The My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow has not eliminated my need for many pillows in the bed, as I am still using the double pillows under my head, and a pillow in between my legs to keep me from leaning down too much on the side. However, the My Brest Friend 3-in-1 body pillow has fulfilled a need that I had a hard time solving.

As I have entered the last stage of the pregnancy, the pillow in between my legs has not been enough support, and I  have begun needing extra support under the side of my belly as well. I tried using a regular pillow, but it seemed to be too big, which made sleeping uncomfortable.

The My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow has been the perfect match. Now I have a little extra support in between my legs, and the belly support part of the pillow is the perfect size for keeping me from rolling over too much on my belly. It has made sleeping much more comfortable, and I no longer wake up the baby from pushing on her during my sleep.

My three-year-old son is a big snuggler, and at first he felt that the 3-in-1 body pillow came in between him and his mother, when it was time to snuggle. After a little adjusting he is now getting used to the My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow, and he gets to borrow the head part of it, so that he can still snuggle close.

The one big question I had was whether or not the My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow would make me sleep better. The answer is simple, because it has improved my sleep, especially during this final part of my pregnancy. I switch sides constantly, and the My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow easily changes sides with me in the middle of the night. My only regret….is that I did not have a maternity pillow during my first, second and third pregnancy.


Great Things About My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow:

  • It supports pregnant women in the right places
  • The belly support wedge is the perfect size for a growing belly.
  • It has a washable cover
  • It comes with a storage bag, and it folds together to a compact size.



About My Best Friend:

The My Brest Friend product line is made by Zenoff, a company started in 1994 to create the perfect breast feeding pillow. My Brest Friend’s patented wrap-around design is now sold in more than 33, and it is used in hundreds of NIC units and birthing hospitals across the world.  

The My Best Friend collection now includes several different nursing pillows, the maternity pillow, burp cloths and much more.


Buy It

You can buy the My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow at the My Brest Friend website www.mybrestfriend.com.

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Baby Guide


The My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because it helps pregnant moms get better sleep.

Upcoming My Brest Friend Giveaway

Make sure to check back soon to see the upcoming My Brest Friend giveaway here at the Frugality Is Free Baby Guide.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary 3-in-1 Body Pillow sample for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Maternity Pillow from the  My Brest Friend collection by Zenoff.

  19 Responses to “Baby Guide: My Brest Friend Maternity Pillow Review”

  1. I’m not even pregnant, but that looks like a comfortable pillow! 🙂

  2. This would be great, looks so comfortable.

  3. Invented by a pregnant mom, I bet. Very good concept.

  4. Perfect gift for all mothers to be.

  5. OMG i had one of these while pregnant!! The best!!!

  6. this is the best thing ever to sleep on while pregnant! your hubby might not like it but it is so comfy!

  7. No more babies for me but this sounds like a great pillow. I wish it had been around 30 years ago when I had my daughter. This would make a great gift though.

  8. You dont have to be pregnant to enjoy the comfort of these pillows . They sure do help

  9. I bet that it really does help out. Great idea for women who are pregnant! I have a regular long body pillow that I love.

  10. i had one of these i think every expecting mom should have one

  11. This seems like a great asset to sleeping, maybe not even for pregnant women, lol I like that it can be used on either side too. Thank you for the review!

  12. I love that this was invented by a pregnant mom! Definitely a must have

  13. I would love this and Im not pregnant but my sister would have loved this when she was pregnant she was never comfortable in bed.

  14. Where was this 40 years ago when I could have used it? Looks good.

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  16. I’ve heard these are amazing! I’ve been wanting to try one!

  17. I’ve always wanted one of these! Hopefully the next time around 🙂

  18. This would be so much better than the traditional body pillow like sold at Walmart. Got the front and back support that is needed during pregnancy!! So awesome!

  19. That looks so comfy! I am having such a hard time sleeping right now.

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