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Hot Pink Baby Shoes

In my search for the perfect first baby walking shoe, I came across TinySoles, and I spent more than an hour browsing the TinySoles website before I finally decided on the right first baby walking shoes for our little princess.

From my experience as a mom of three, I know that a first baby walking shoe needs to protect baby’s tiny feet, but it also needs to have a very flexible sole, breathable materials and be easy to put on an off. Tinysoles has many great first walking shoes for babies and toddlers, and it surely was difficult to choose the right one.

I finally decided to go with the Robeez Mini Shoez, in Tropical Paradise Pink because they seemed to be the perfect first walking shoes for a baby girl in South Florida. I knew I wanted a pair of pink shoes that could go with her beautiful dresses and cute outfits in different shades of pink, and our baby girl’s big brothers were insisting that her first baby walking shoes should have flowers on them.

Robeez baby walking shoes

The Robeez tropical paradise baby shoes were the perfect choice, and I am thrilled with the quality. The quality is simply impeccable, every stitch and every seems perfect, and the details are perfect.

baby first walking shoes

With a Velcro closing, an elastic back and a flexible sole, the Robeez tropical paradise shoes are easy to put on and off, and they provide the perfect environment for little feet.  The Robeez Mini Shoez are made of quality leather, have soft, flexible soles, and they are perfect for an outdoor environment.

pink baby shoes


Why We Love the Robeez Mini Shoez from Tinysoles:

  • They have a flexible leather outsole which gives a no-slip grip.
  • The outsole is water repellent
  • They have a comfortable cushioned insole
  • They have a simple Velcro closing
  • They are absolutely adorable.
  • They are very high quality shoes
  • They are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • They come in sizes 2 – 6

pink baby shoes

The Robeez Mini Shoes arrived so quickly that even my kids were impressed, and opening the cute shoe box from TinySoles was quite a treat.

TinySoles logo

About Tinysoles:

Tinysoles is an online shoe store with a comprehensive collection of high-quality, comfortable and stylish footwear for babies, infants toddlers and kids in sizes newborn to 13. Tinysoles especially has a large selection of soft sole shoes for babies, and they carry some of the best quality brands available.

Tinysoles was founded by three mothers, who were searching for quality, development and appropriate shoes for their infants. After being unsuccessful in their strive, they decided to start TinySoles.  All of the shoes at TinySoles go through thorough testing, before they end of on the sales shelves at TinySoles.

Buy It

You can buy the Robeez Mini Shoez Tropical Paradise Pink at the www.tinysoles.com, and you can find a huge selection of first walking shoes for baby, toddler shoes and kids shoes.

Make sure to check out the TinySoles daily deal page often, as you will be able to find great bargains. Sign up for the TinySoles newsletter (left sidebar), and follow Tinysoles on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest promotions.

TinySoles stock all shoes in house, which means fast and efficient shipping. If your order is over $20 it ships free, and that includes Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO and Canada.

Win It

 One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a  $40 gift certificate to TinySoles as a part of the 2013 Baby Guide.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Guide


TinySoles is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because of their large selection of soft sole baby shoes and first baby walking shoes, which make great baby gifts. There is something for every taste, fashion and style, and prices start at $16.



US Giveaway rules

This giveaway will end Monday March 18th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary baby walking shoes for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Robeez baby shoes from TinySoles

  100 Responses to “Baby Guide: Robeez Baby Walking Shoes Review & $40 TinySoles Giveaway”

  1. I love the Columbia Toddler Switchback Buffalo Burnt Orange sneaker

  2. With spring on the way in, I’d love to get my baby girl Juliet a pair of Hatley Rainboots

  3. I’d get the Hatley Whale rainboots

  4. i WOULD GET THE pediped Jones Green

  5. I like the gnarly dude tan shoes.

  6. I would love to get Mia the Kai by See Kai Run Isla Hot Pink Sandals!

  7. I would probably choose the
    Robeez Mini Shoez Classic Fisherman Brown.

  8. Acorn Easy Bootie Leaping Lizards

  9. Visited and really KEEN Coronado Print Black Olive Salamander Infant

  10. it’s great post, thank you

  11. So hard to pick! Imay go with these though if I won 🙂
    Livie & Luca Peacock Black Mary Jane

  12. Livie and Luca peacock black Mary Jane

  13. Livie and Luca Peacock black mary jane.

  14. Geox Ascari Girl Pink Junior

  15. KEEN Libby MJ Black Infant

  16. TinySoles :: Sandals :: KEEN Whisper Raya Lilac Sachet Kids

  17. Hatley Candy Rain Boots!!!

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  19. I’d get the acorn polar moc fat cat for toddlers.

  20. I would choose the Robeez Mini Shoez High Top Hank Navy, as a SURPRISE gift for a first time Mom.

  21. Robeez Mini Shoez Lil Gentleman Espresso

  22. Robeez Dino Ocean Blue

  23. Geox Baby Runner Fuchsia/White

  24. Hatley Whale rainboots

  25. i like the Geox Olimpus Blue Lime

  26. i might get the Stride Rite Caleb Liquorice/Blue

  27. I’d choose the pediped Grip ‘n’ Go Emily Chiffon!

  28. I would pickRobeez 1st Stepz Eco Finn Sandal Navy …eco shoes!

  29. I like the Acorn Polar Moc Petroglyph . Thank you

  30. My granddaughter would love the
    Geox New Jocker Pink Dark Pink Junior w/ lights

  31. TinySoles :: Sneakers & Hikers :: pediped Flex Neptune Silver/Purple

  32. I would choose the KEEN Newport H2 Carnelian Infants for my nephew!

  33. I’d like the Kai by See Kai Run Dillon Sandals in Gray.

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  35. I would pick one of the girly pairs for my new niece!

  36. I love the See Kai Run Danika

  37. i like4 the craig blue see kai

  38. I love Robeez Kitty 3D

  39. I like the pediped Flex Maggie Pool for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  40. I like the Stride Rite Bruce Navy Silver Orange

  41. I love the tiny KEEN Kupa shoes. 😀

  42. The Hatley Whale rainboots…my daughter would love them

  43. Robeez Mini Shoez Lil Skipper Navy

  44. I like the Acorn Love Child Moc Fuchsia slippers.

  45. So many cute shoes to choose from! I love the Kai by See Kai Run Jolinda Peach or the Stride Rite Demi Azalea Hot/Pink.

  46. I really like the KEEN Arcata True Khaki Burnt Orange Infants.

  47. I would pick the Kai by See Kai Run Kiana Hot Pink!!!

  48. I might choose Robeez Cherry Blossoms

  49. I’d pick the Pediped Jones.

  50. I would choose the Geox Olimpo Blue Lime

  51. Kai by See Kai Run Andrea Brown are cute

  52. I think the Geox Olimpo Navy Orange Infant are absolutely adorable 🙂

  53. i really like the Kamik Coaster Black Kids

  54. pediped Sadie Navy

  55. I may get the Hatley Splash Gear White Dots Rain Boots.

  56. Kai by See Kai Run Andrea Brown Shoes. thanks!

  57. I like the Keen Auckland Mary Janes in lilac Chiffon.

  58. i would love the Smaller By See Kai Run Garret

  59. I would choose the See Kai Run Alyshya Brown shoes.

  60. Goes baby runner blue gray

  61. Geox Baby Runner Fuchsia/White

  62. I love the garret shoes by see kai run!

  63. Acorn Monster Moc Red

  64. I think I would get the pediped Flex Adrian Choc Brown Tan

  65. possibly Robeez Pretty Pansy White

  66. I love the See Kai Run Adalynn in Red

  67. Geox New Jocker Violet Junior w/ lights

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  69. Robeez Alien for infant boys

  70. Smaller By See Kai Run Alexa Hot Pink

  71. I love the Hatley Rosy Afternoon Rain Boots

  72. Geox Magica Pink Infant

  73. I love the Livie & Luca Stego Black Soft Sole shoes! They are sooo cute! The spikes are adorable.

  74. Kai by See Kai Run Noel Purple

  75. i like the Acorn’s Love Child Moc

  76. Hatley Butterfly Dots Rain Boots

  77. I like the Smaller By See Kai Run Abigail Red

  78. I would get the Merrell Waterpro Scout Infants Dark Earth .

  79. I like the Geox New Jocker Pink/Dark Pink Infant w/ Lights

  80. Hatley Candy Rain Boots

  81. I like the Geox Olimpo Blue Lime Infant shoes.

  82. The cute whale rain boots

  83. KEEN Coronado Print Lilac Flower Print Infants

  84. i looked through the catalogue…and am pretty sure it would take me a couple of days to decide…..

  85. i would get the Hatley Winter Birds Rain Boots

  86. Whisper Raya Sunrise Allure Infants

  87. I would love the Geox Olimpo Blue Lime Infant shoes. so cute!

  88. Wow, having a baby girl on the way and having my toddler son there are surely A LOT of options and shoes/slippers to look through on tinysoles, will surely be going back when I need to shop for shoes! But I would choose the “Livie & Luca Pio Pio Red Soft Sole”. They are so cute!

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  90. I would buy the Geox Baby Runner Fuchsia/White.

  91. I would buy the Geox Baby Runner Blue/Grey

  92. Eco Finn Sandal Navy

  93. I would get the Acorn Polar Moc Retro Daisy slippers

  94. Livie & Luca Peacock Black Soft Sole

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