Feb 222013

The energy spurt that I got two weeks ago has dissipated, and this week I am feeling very very pregnant. Between a cold snap hitting South Florida, the boys getting sick, and entering the final days of the pregnancy I have had to take it very easy. Somehow I’ve managed to escape the kids’ cold with only some body aches and a bit stuffiness, and all three boys are now back up to speed again.

Thankfully the pantry is stocked, the fridge is stocked and so is our fruit bowl, so I do not have to worry about grocery shopping, and I am fully prepared to leave my family for a few days when I have to go tot he hospital.

Shopping has been kept to a minimal, walking has been kept to a minimal, in fact even blogging has been kept to a minimal. I am ready to meet our little girl, and so is everyone else in the family.

How did you do on your shopping this week? What deals did I miss?


Check out my Publix Deals

  Free soda at Publix groceries

Publix Grocery Trip

I spent $29.12 at Publix

I saved $75.42 at Publix

Check out my ALDI Deals

 ALDI groceries

See my ALDI Grocery Deals (not posted)

I spent $30 at ALDI

I saved $14 at ALDI

Check out my Target Clearance Deals

Target cereal deal Target cereal deal

See my Target Cereal Deals Trip 1

See my Target Cereal Deals Trip 2

I spent $11. 12 at Target

I saved $62 at Target

I received a $5 Target gift card back


The Frugality Is Free Family’s Weekly Totals

Weekly Grocery Spendings $70.24

Weekly Grocery Savings Family of 5 $151.44

Clothing & Extras Spendings $0

Clothing & Extras Savings $0

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $70.24

Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $151.44


Link up below and share your savings, so that everyone else can find your deals too.

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