Feb 142013
Walmart produce


Walmart produce

I have not been to Walmart in a long while, but since I had to go that way yesterday, I decided to price match a few produce items.


Walmart Price Matching:

3.69 lbs of bananas @ $0.59/lb = $2.81 – (Walmart Price Matching with Bravo Wednesday Deal only @ $0.39/lb) = $1.44

3 cucumbers @ $0.78 each = $2.34 – (Walmart Price Matching with Doris Italian Market  at 3 for $1) = $1 ($0.33 each)

1.65 lbs of Plums at $2.68/lb = $4.42 – (Walmart Price Matching with Sedanos at $1.69/lb) = $2.79

0.61 lbs of green beans at $1.96/lb = $1.20 (Walmart Price Matching with Doris Italian Market at $0.89/lb) = $0.54

Total out of pocket $5.77

Total saved $5


What was the last thing you price matched at Walmart?

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  1. i love your blog for all the great coupons! thank you!

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