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Baby Aspen Ballerina Layette

I recently discovered Pink Taffy Designs, and I have spent lots of time browsing the store to find the perfect gift for my baby girl. Baby Bellamy Blue has been named after a very talented ballerina, I once babysat, so when I came across the Baby Aspen Ballerina layette set, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

The Baby Aspen Ballerina layette set combines comfort with pretty, and I just love the cute ballerina tutu skirt in beautiful shiny organza with a touch of satin. As a mom of three boys and now finally a baby girl, I am eager to dress my little girl up in beautiful princess dresses. At this point, Bellamy Blue just wants to be snuggled up comfortably in soft clothing, so the Baby aspen Ballerina layette set is the perfect alternative to pretty princess dresses. Not only does Bellamy Blue get to stay warm and cozy in this soft cotton set, but she is fashionable at the same time.

Baby Aspen Ballerina layette

The Baby Aspen Ballerina set comes with a one-piece ballerina outfit and a soft cotton hat. South Florida has been hit by yet another cold spell, and this set is perfect to keep Baby Bellamy Blue warm and comfortable. I was worried that it was too big for her at 1 week, but it actually works well, while there is still plenty of room to grow.

The Baby Aspen Ballerina 2 piece layette set comes in a beautiful gift box, which makes it perfect for a baby shower gift.

 Baby Ballerina gift box

Once the box opens up, the Baby Aspen Ballerina layette set is carefully placed and on a hanger, which gives the outfit an extra sophisticated look.

Baby Ballerina layette

What I Love About the Baby Aspen Ballerina Layette Set:

  • It is made of 100 percent cotton
  • It is soft and warm
  • The ballerina tutu skirt is made in beautiful satin and organza
  • It comes in a size 0 – 6 months, which fits a newborn with room to grow.
  • It is the perfect layette for a princess – comfortable yet fashionable
  • It can be monogrammed for an extra personalized touch
  • It comes in a beautiful gift box, which makes it perfect for a baby shower gift.


Pink Taffy Designs logo

Pink Taffy Designs

Pink Taffy Designs is an online boutique dedicated to unique children’s apparel, gifts, furniture and more. It is full of beautiful, high-quality baby and children’s products, and it is the perfect place to look for the one-of-a-kind baby gift that no one else will bring along to the baby shower.

To make the gift extra special, many of the products can be personalized with monograms.


Buy It

You can buy the Baby Aspen Ballerina layette set at Pink Taffy Designs ( To add a personalized touch to the set, you can even have it monogrammed.

Make sure to follow Pink Taffy Designs on Facebook to keep up-to-date on the latest sales, promotions and deals.



Baby Guide


Pink Taffy Designs and the Baby Aspen Ballerina Layette set are a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because the online boutique has lots of great high-quality baby gifts fit for little princes and princesses.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Baby Aspen Baby Ballerina Layette set for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Baby Ballerina Layette from the Baby Aspen collection at Pink Taffy Designs.

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  1. I love the ruffles

  2. I love the packaging as well as the outfit. What little girl wouldn’t be adorable!

  3. omg this is ridiculously cute! i love it! also who she is named after! super cute!

  4. This is so adorable I love it!

  5. oh i love the box! you can even repurpose it for other things! i love this outfit it is extremely adorable on your lil princess!

  6. Just in time for our new granddaughter!!! She will be born this month, how adorable she’ll look…and FEEL!!!

  7. What a precious little outfit, perfect for any little princess!

  8. Love the desgins and the box they come in! Super cute for babyshower gifts!

  9. So cute! it’s hard to find comfy and cute newborn things!

  10. I think this outfit is absolutely adaorable….the baby is like a little doll in this

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  11. So cute and girly. Makes me tear up, mine was that little seems like just yesterday 🙂

  12. This is utterly adorable!!! I never had a girl. 2 boys, and they are stepsons…

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