Mar 032013


Baby Guide

I have been winning some great baby prizes for my little baby girl these past weeks, and it is always exciting to see the boxes coming in the door.

Make sure to check out all of the great Baby Giveaways right here at Frugality Is Free too, there are plenty more on the way as well.

My favorite Baby Giveaways from the Blogosphere this week:

 Bubble Bum Inflatable Booster Seat Giveaway at The Bragging Mommmy  3/6

Car Seat Canopy Whole Caboodle Giveaway at Trying To Go Green 3/5

Nuby Imonster Plate and Fork Set Giveaway at Trying To Go Green 3/10

Udder Covers Gift Set Giveaway at Trying To Go Green 3/8


What was the last giveaway you won?

  2 Responses to “Baby Giveaways March 2013”

  1. Great list of giveaways! The last giveaway I won was for a case of Yoplait Greek yogurt!

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