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I am always thrilled to be able to spread messages of good and of hard-working charity organizations, and today I am bringing a very special giveaway to all of you. This giveaway has been provided by my friend Cheryl, as she is trying to help spread the message of Dress A Girl Around The World.


Pillow Case Dresses


I am passionate about helping kids in crisis and love creating handmade items to meet needs in their lives or to comfort them.  While searching for a pillow case dress tutorial to make and to tuck inside my Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts I came upon the blog Sew Delightful which introduced me to another great children’s charity:  Dress A Girl Around The World.

We dreamed of a world in which every girl has at least one dress!”

Dress A Girl Around The World’s [DAG] goal is to provide dignity and protection to young girls in crisis situations while letting them know they are loved.  Their website says there are many “girls who live in a society where they have no value—where they are used as slaves—where they are abused and preyed upon and no one considers this to be unspeakable injustice.  By providing a new dress you may well be changing a young girl’s destiny. Village pastors tell us that a girl wearing a new dress presents an appearance that she is well cared for and may discourage would-be predators.”

Dress A Girl has delivered dresses to over 60 countries—from the Appalachian mountains of the United States toDress A Girl Around The World Zimbabwe.  In 2012 they delivered 100,254.  Each dress was handmade in homes by individuals or in group settings at sewing parties.  What I like about this program is that each dress is personally delivered to a little girl who is verbally encouraged as the dress is pulled on over whatever she happens to be currently wearing.  For many of the little girls this will be the only new dress they will ever own.

DAG is a part of Hope 4 Women International (H4WI) which “has been bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006. We want the next generation to know from childhood that they are worthy of love and respect. That God loves them!”  To see the full extent of what they accomplished in 2012 check out this blog post from the founder, Rachel:  Hope 4 Women International:  A Year In Review.

HW4I also has a sponsorship program for women in which they train widows with skills needed to succeed in small businesses so they can provide for themselves and their children in cultures where they would otherwise be in danger.  It takes just $36 a month for one year to change the life of a woman and her family.   Hope 4 Women International is a division of Hope 4 Kids International, an organization that has been carrying hope around the world for 40 years.

“Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress.”


How You Can Get Involved with Dress A Girl Around The World

You can make dresses or donate supplies or money.


Dress A Girl Around The World after Dress A Girl Around The World before


Make a dress and enter the “Mad as a March Hare Dress Design/Sewing Contest”        

Find out contest requirements and info at:  Sew Delightful ~ Dress Contest

  • Contest runs March 1 thru March 24, 2013



Buy It:

Twin Pillowcase Dresses thru the Dress A Girl Around the World Webstore for $19.95 (free shipping).  You will choose one size to be sent to you, the other one will be taken to a girl in crisis. After it is delivered you will receive a picture of the girl in the dress.

Pillow Case Dressses 

Win it:

“Two of a Kind,” personally designed & sewn, 100% cotton, Twin Pillowcase Dresses.  You will choose ONE of the two sizes to be sent to you.  The second dress will be delivered to a girl in Uganda in July 2013 (unfortunately I am not in the position to get a picture of the little girl who will receive this dress).

Dress sizes (because of the loose-fitting style, as the child grows, she can wear it over leggings and then as a top over pants):

Size Three – Approx. Finished length without straps:  19”; width:  21”

Size Six —  Approx. Finished length: 26”;  width:  28”


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Baby Guide


Dress A Girl Around The World is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because these dresses make a wonderful gift. Not only do you give a beautiful dress to a little girl, but it is a dress with a message, and she will know that a little girl far away is walking around treasuring the same dress.



 US Giveaway rules

This giveaway will end Monday April 8th at midnight EST.

 Disclaimer: The giveaway prize and information above has been provided by my blogging friend Cheryl.

  48 Responses to “Dress A Girl Around The World Giveaway”

  1. I learned that it was all started after 50 pillow case dresses were sent to Honduras and a picture sent back of all the little girls wearing their dresses was all it took!

  2. They have been around for 40 years

  3. They have all the info you need to host a princess party to get involved

  4. They have been around for 40 years

  5. What a great organization! I saw that you can make a dress of your own to donate.

  6. I learned that a new dress can give the girl a “well cared for apperance and discourage potential predators”

  7. Thanks for sharing about DAG!! Anyone in Washington can get ahold of me at I hope that lots of ladies will join us and make a crazy fun dress for March!!

  8. A simple dress can bring so much hope to a young girl. Amazing.

  9. I love working with DAG, it is a wonderful organization. Making dresses is “sew” much fun!

  10. I learned that they have advocates all around the country

  11. What an amazing organization! I learned that they help girls in the US too.

  12. i think that putting a label on the outside of each dress sending an additional message that each girl is under the care of an organization is a wonderful idea

  13. What a great organization. they help so many people. thankyou, ken

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  15. I like the patterns shared on the site

  16. I think it is so great that they also have youth advocates. I love to see young people involved in their world

  17. This makes me want to learn to sew. What a great organization, helping girls gain dignity and feel pretty is so wonderful!.

  18. I learned that they have been around for 40 years!

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  20. What a great cause! I learned that a girl is less susceptible to preditors if she is well dressed.

  21. They have youth advocates who work with them.

  22. Have existed for forty years.

  23. I learned that you can host your own event and make dresses for the little girls

  24. Wow What a program, I learned that they train women on how to make dresses

  25. i learned the logo attached to the front of the dress may deter would-be predators of these girls

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  27. I learned that Hope 4 Women International has been bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006.

  28. i like the idea of helping discourage would be predators this way

  29. 40 years in business.. wow!!

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  31. I learned you can make your own pillowcase dress to donate.

  32. that they use pillowcases and fabric to make the dresses.

  33. I learned that it is not only the United States but Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, The UK, Sweden, the Philippines & Uganda that sponsor this charity

  34. they helping girls gain dignity and feel pretty is so wonderful

  35. I learned you can make your own pillowcase dress to donate.

  36. they have been helping for 40

  37. They join together because they believe that every girl deserves the dignity of owning at least one dress.

  38. amazing company, they help a whole lot of countries.. the us is even one of them

  39. There are patterns for dresses on the site so people can help.

  40. They have been doing this for 40 years. I love that they are trying to give every girl a dress. I have a 2 year old, and she just LOVES to be in a dress. She always feels so pretty. I would want every girl out their to feel the same way.

  41. they believe that every little girl should own at least one dress

  42. Have been around 40 yrs

  43. I learned that they join together because they believe that every girl deserves the dignity of owning at least one dress.

  44. A new dress could help save a life from a predator!

  45. I learned they dreamed of a world in which every girl has at least one dress!

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