Mar 132013

Target Baby Clearance

I am loving the Target baby clearance sale, which seem to still be spitting out great deals on baby and toddler clothing. I made a quick stop at Target for baby wipes, and I was thrilled to discover that several new items had been marked down to $1.50.


First Target Baby Clearance Deals:

3 x Circo Baby/Toddler T shirts on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Were $5 each)

6 x Circo Baby/Toddler Leggings on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Were $5 each)

Circo Khaki pants on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Was $5)

Cherokee 3 pack boys boxer briefts on Target clearance sale at $3.48 (Was $6.99)

Up & Up Baby Wipes at $4.99 – $1 off $3+ Up & Up coupon = $3.99


Tax $1.34

Total out of pocket $23.81

Total saved $41.89


Today I visited a second Target store, and I lucked out big time. Not only did I find different sizes of the $1.50 leggings and jeans for my baby girl, but I also found boys clothing at 70 percent off. I even found matching t shirts for all three of my boys, which is a very rare thing to find on clearance.  I am also very excited about finding shoes for my oldest son at 70 percent off, last time he needed ned shoes he took me by surprise, and I had no shoes for him. This will not happen again, as it took me forever to find a pair of decent shoes at a decent price. I now have a size 7 and 8 for him waiting for him in our shoe box, and I have paid $10 or less for each,

Target shoe clearance 003 006


Second Target Baby and Kids Clothes Clearance Deals:

Circo jeans on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Was $5)

5 x Circo Baby/Toddler Leggings on Target clearance sale at $1.50 each (Were $5 each)

3 x Circo Boys T Shirts on Target clearance sale at $1.80 each (Were $6 each)

2 x Circo Boys Long Sleeved Shirts on Target clearance sale at $2.10 each (Were $8 each)

Shaun White Boys Shoes size 8 on Target clearance sale at $8.98 each (Were $29.99 )

2 x Betty Crocker Cake Mixes on Target clearance sale at $0.64 each (Were $1.29 each)


– $0.05 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $1.66

Total out of pocket $30.47

Total saved $71.89



I spent a lot more money on extras this week, and I surely spent more money on clothes than I usually do. Still, I got some fantastic deals, and a lot of the clothes will be put away for when it fits. I got $144 worth of clothes and shoes for my four kids ages newborn, 3, 7 and 10 for only $49, and this included 26 pieces of clothing and 1 pair of teen boy shoes.

In the first Target store I found the clearance clothing at $1.50 each on a shelf in the baby department, and in the second store I found all of the clearance clothes on a shelf system in the boys’ department.


Did you find any great Target clothes clearance deals lately?

You can always find my latest Target clearance deals under CLEARANCE in the top navigation bar.

  3 Responses to “Target Kids Clothes Clearance 70 Percent Off – Saved $114!”

  1. You found some great deals! I haven’t really looked at clearance clothing at Target lately. We’ve already just about finished doing all the early shopping I plan on doing for next year for Elliott. I actually think he will still be in the same size jeans that he is wearing this year, but I bought him five pair in the next size up recently when they were less than $10 each, just in case. 🙂

  2. I’m on the look out for a great deal on jeans for my oldest son Carla, he is growing soooo fast… I have been doing a lot of shopping for the baby all the way up to size 4, if I have found something nice for $2 or less. The two middle boys do not need much, as there are a lot of hand-me-downs, and my two oldest wear school uniforms which helps a lot. I was thrilled to find a couple of long-sleeve shirts for the two oldest though, as we have had some chilly mornings.

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