Apr 272013

I’ll admit it, I’m hooked on entering giveaways. Did you ever see the movie prize winner? I watched it for the first time about 5 years ago, and it inspired me to try making money from home as a stay-at-home mom. I am happy to say that it has been a success, and I am now a stay-at-home mom to our four kids while still contributing to the household budget in many ways.

As for the giveaway wins, the prizes just keep on coming. In fact, the UPS guy just dropped off 3 big boxes….I am definitely keeping the shipping companies busy. The Hugglepod from HearthSong that I wrote about last week just arrived…in pink. It will be packed away for a birthday, when baby Bellamy Blue gets old enough.

This week’s giveaway wins have been a bit of a mixed bag, but I am not complaining…on the contrary. My favorite giveaway win this week has been a $60 Umi gift card giveaway from Opinions of a Moody Momma. I was beginning to think that the shoe giveaways could not be won, so I am thrilled. A close second is a Glamour Mom nursing tank top from Shop With Me Mama, I’m pretty excited about this top.

Other giveaway wins this week have been: a NUK Orthodontic Bottle and baby toys from Tiny Love.



Baby Guide



As always don’t forget to check out all of the great giveaways right here at Frugality Is Free:

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Here’s my list of favorite giveaways this week:


Publix Gift Card Giveaway at I’d Rather Be Changing Diapers 5/7

HABA Götz Doll Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Reviews  5/11

Nature’s Own Bread Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Reviews  5/11

The Magic School Bus All About Earth Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Reviews  5/4

Osh Kosh Gift Card Giveaway at My Silly Monkeys 5/7

Osh Kosh Gift Card Giveaway at Momma Gaga 5/2

Subway Gift Card Giveaway at Momma Gaga 5/6

Gain Detergent Giveaway at Momma Gaga 4/30

HABA Götz Doll Giveaway at Newly Crunchy Momma 5/15

Pediped Giveaway at Newly Crunchy Momma 5/10

Hapari Giveway at Newly Crunchy Momma 4/28

HABA Götz Doll Giveaway at Momma in Flip Flops 2 5/10

HABA Götz Doll Giveaway at Susan’s Disney family  5/1

HABA Götz Doll Giveaway at Two Boys One Girl and One Crazy Mom  5/1

Uplifting Nighties at Susan’s  Disney Family 5/21



Have you won any great giveaways lately?

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