Apr 232013

South Florida Aldi deals starting 4/24:

4 lbs naval oranges $1.49

Strawberries $1.29

Pineapple $1.39

Mangoes $0.59

Bananans $0.33/lb

Red Delicious Apples $1.99


ALDI Produce

This past week’s ALDI produce deals were just what our family needed, so I returned today before the deals ran out. Tomorrow there will be a new round of deals, but I just could not pass on cheap asparagus and sweet peppers. I have been spending $7 on 2 lbs of asparagus every week, and my 10-year-old son loves snacking on the mini peppers.

I am also excited about the deals starting Wednesday, because there are lots of great fruit deals. See the south Florida deals above…

ALDI foods

My ALDI Produce Deals

4 x 1 lbs of asparagus @ $1.59

2 x 1 lbs of Sweet Mini Peppers @ $1.59

3 x Sweet Corn 4 pack @ $1.29

2 x 4 lbs Florida oranges @ $1.69

2 lbs red onions $1.29

4.56 lbs of bananas @ $0.44/lb $2.01

Broccoli crowns $1.69

Blackberries $1.49

2 lbs of grapes $3.29

Iceberg Lettuce $1.29

Oregano $0.99

Pure Maple Syrup $3.99

Fudge Brownie Mix $1.29

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Orange juice $1.89

Black beans $0.59

Swiss Cheese $1.99

1 gallon of skim milk $2.89

2 x 1 dozen eggs @ $1.59


Total out of pocket $46.74

Total saved $24.28 (Compared  to the lowest prices at my regular grocery store)


What do you hope go on sale at ALDI tomorrow?

  3 Responses to “Last Day For Great ALDI Produce Deals – 1 lb Mini Sweet Peppers Only $1.59!”

  1. I wish I had this kind of luck at our Aldi’s. Everytime I go the produce seems to already be “turning”.

    • Erin, I am usually pretty lucky with the produce at our local ALDI store. However, I definitely think that the store management has a lot to do with the store’s success. Ask your store, when the truck comes in, and what time it usually arrives or when they stock the shelves. I did this, and I usually try to shop on the truck days to get the freshest produce.

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