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Lighthouse dress

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

May is just around the corner, the temperatures are warming up all over the country, and it is time for picnics, barbecue parties and family get togethers in the back yard. What are you going to wear? As a young mom of 4, I want to look stylish and chic, but I also want to wear modest clothing that can keep me covered, when I am lifting up kids, playing ball or other games.

This year I am ready for fashion, because baby number four has arrived, and I am working hard at the gym to be able to wear my favorite dresses. A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on our first date in quite a while, as my brother and his family were in town, and they offered to watch all of our kids for a few hours. It was the first opportunity, since the pregnancy that I had had to wear a pretty dress, and I was thrilled to be able to fit into a dazzling black Shabby Apple creation.


Lighthouse dress

So for this year’s spring and summer events, I am definitely wearing Shabby Apple, and my newest addition to the closet is this Shabby Apple Lighthouse dress. It is a breezy, lightweight dress with a bit of a casual flair that is perfect for South Florida.

yellow dress

The material is quite light, and the Lighthouse dress can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. The dress has a double layer of cotton voille, and it is a buttery yellow that seems to match some of the sunrise undertones on an cloudy morning here in South Floida. It can be worn with the white bow belt or without, and it is a perfect dress to wear on a hot day. I especially love that this dress almost calls for a hat, because I almost always wear a hat on a sunny South Florida spring or summer day.

Lighthouse dress Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple has a phenomenal collection of stunning modest dresses for all of occasions. Take a look at some of my favorite spring and summer dresses from Shabby Apple.

Bachelorette dress

The Bachelorette Dress $95


soulmate dress

The Soulmate Dress $98

Daisy dress

The Daisy Dress $78



Of course, this is not Frugality Is Free for nothing, so I wanted to find a couple of great deals for the frugal shopper too.


optimist dress Shabby Apple

Cockeyed Optimist Dress $48 (Was $76)

Shabby Apple sells lots of fabulous modest dresses, but they sell so much more than that. Besides stunning skirts, flattering tops, and colorful scarfs, you can also find swim wear, maternity dresses and pretty dresses for kids.


Shabby Apple even has a new mama section, and as a new mom I highly appreciate it. Take a look at my favorite dress from the new mama section.

new mom dress

Serenade dress – $64 (Was $80)


Of course Bellamy Blue would look great in Shabby Apple dresses too, and I already have a few favorites in mind.


Shabby apple kids dress


Buy It

You can buy the beautiful modest dresses, new mama dresses, maternity wear, swim wear and girls dresses at the online Shabby Apple store at www.shabbyapple.com

Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a $35 Shabby Apple gift certificate as a part of the 2013 Baby Guide.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Guide

Shabby Apple is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because the online store offers many options for modest clothing that flatters women. With stylish and fashionable options that hugs curves in the right places, and with a section dedicated to new moms, Shabby Appple sells dresses and modest clothing with real women in mind. Shabby Apple also sells maternity clothing and girls dresses, so there are great gift ideas for the mama to be.



US Giveaway rules

This giveaway will end Wednesday June 5th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary modest dress sample for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the modest dress from Shabby Apple.

  149 Responses to “Modest Clothing Shabby Apple Review & Giveaway”

  1. Guinea a Minute

  2. I would pick the Golden Afternoon!!

  3. i like the alice dress

  4. I like the dress called joyride; http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-1328-joyride.aspx

  5. I want to order the Serenade dress in blue!

  6. I love the night train dress

  7. I like Desert Blossom

  8. I love Snapdragon, but they have alot of other pretty dresses that I also liked..

  9. What a great site!! I like them all especially the Pier dress.

  10. I like the mint tea dress. I think I would wear that to several summer functions.

  11. I really like ELIZABETH ISLANDS dress


  13. i like the Meant To Be dress

  14. I like the Pier Patrol dress.

  15. Elizabeth Islands

  16. I would love to wear the BOUQUET dress to a party this summer.

  17. i like the NEAP TIDE dress

  18. id like to wear the bon voyage dress

  19. Id wear the together forever dress

  20. The Cockeyed Optimist is very cute.

  21. I would love to wear the meant to be dress

  22. I love the dresses, especially the Alice dress.

  23. I love the Elizabeth Islands dress–not sure where I would wear it.

  24. meant to be dress

  25. The Daisy dress!

  26. I’m pregnant so I would love the serenade dress.

  27. the daisy dress is cute

  28. love the alice dress

  29. I would love to attend a party in the black Premier dress from Shabby Apple. It is very very elegant.

  30. I love the desert modern.

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  32. The bachelorette dress!

  33. I like the Sea Breeze dress.

  34. I really like the Bernini Dress

  35. I love the Serenade dress!

  36. Like the Pier Control Dress, thanks

  37. Seranade looks comfy!

  38. I would like the Debutante dress.

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  40. I really love the AT FIRST SIGHT dress.

  41. I like the Golden afternoon dress

  42. I think the joyride dress would be perfect for a summer party

  43. Like the dress Rosarita

  44. I LOVE the Sea Breeze dress!

  45. I like the orchid dress.

  46. At First Site dress

  47. love Jacob`s Pillow dress

  48. The Admirial

  49. I’d love to wear the Royal Wedding!

  50. I love the Sea Breeze!

  51. I love the Knave of Hearts dress!

  52. Golden afternoon dress

  53. Antiquated Dress

  54. love that serenade dress

  55. I really like the Alice dress

  56. I would wear the Orchid dress to a spring party

  57. Love the “I’M LATE! I’M LATE!”

  58. together forever dress

  59. I really like the bon voyage dress

  60. The golden afternoon dress

  61. The Jitterbug

  62. I really like Bouquet.

  63. My wife will probably like the serenade dress in blue. Thanks for the chance!

  64. I like the Elizabeth island dress.

  65. I like the Alice dress.

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  67. I’d wear the gondola dress!

  68. I love the meant to be dress


  70. I want the Alice!

  71. I like the neap tide dress, or meant to be dress!

  72. my fav is the meant to be dress

  73. I like the THE MAD HATTER.

  74. I like the Daisy dress.

  75. Love the Admiral dress

  76. I like the Rootbeer Float Dress.

  77. i like the Golden Afternoon dress

  78. I would love to wear the I’m Late! I’m Late! Dress. It’s such a beautiful navy lace dress.

  79. I always worry that none of their dresses would fit me. I like most of them.

  80. i love the rootbeer float dress!

  81. rootbeer float dress

  82. I love the Jacobs Pillow Dress

  83. the Elizabeth Islands dress!

  84. seabreeze

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  86. i like Alice

  87. I like the alice dress! Lots of cute choices!

  88. ALICE

  89. I like the Alice dress

  90. I like the L.A. dress.

  91. The Too Darn Hot dress. The possibility of looking even remotely like Joan Holloway makes me sublimely happy.

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  93. I love the Elizabeth Islands dress

  94. I like the Toe the Line dress

  95. I like the meant to be dress

  96. I would love to wear the Ballerina dress.

  97. I love the Gondola

  98. I would like to wear the Joyride dress.

  99. I love the Estate dress.

  100. I love the Serenade dress.

  101. I like the Bon Voyage dress.

  102. I like the Gondola Dress. Thanks!

  103. I like the BALLERINA

  104. I like Jacob’s pillow.

  105. I love the Gondola Dress.

  106. bachelorette dress

  107. I like the Bon Voyage dress.

  108. like its late its late dress

  109. Knave of Hearts

  110. I’d love to wear the Inca Trail dress. Love the color!

  111. The maxi’s look so cool and comfy.

  112. Elizabeth island dress

  113. I love the Bon Voyage dress

  114. I love the TANGLEWOOD

  115. I like the Lighthouse dress

  116. I think the alice dress is one of my favorites. 🙂

  117. the bon voyage dress

  118. I would like to wear the golden afternoon to a tea party!

  119. Candied apple top

  120. soulmate dress!

  121. I would love to wear the Mauna Kea dress. It is the perfect color.

  122. I like the polka dot maxi dress in yellow.

  123. i like the lavender dress, right up my alley! so sophisticated for wedding season


  125. I like the Bon Voyage dress.

  126. i love the i’m late i’m late dress

  127. Hope I win

  128. I would totally wear the Alice dress to my cousin’s bridal shower this summer!!

  129. I like desert modern

  130. I would love to wear the At First Sight plum wrap dress.

  131. its late its late

  132. I’m like the I’m late, I’m late dress.

  133. I’d like to wear the Bernini dress

  134. I like the Jabberwocky dress… very elegant and pretty!

  135. I would like Bon Voyage.

  136. Love and Laughter

  137. I like the Rootbeer Float Dress.

  138. I love the Ballerina dress!

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  140. I would wear the ADMIRAL dress to a party! Sooo cute!

  141. The Odyssey dress.

  142. I love the Ballerina dress!!

  143. I would choose the Ballerina dress.

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