Apr 022013

Target Easter Clearance

I went to check out the Target Easter clearance today, even though I knew it would likely only be at 50 percent off. Sure enough, both the Target dollar spot and the Target Easter clearance was at 50 percent. I usually hold out until 70 percent off, but this week I am just beat from sickness, visitors etc., so I don’t think I’ll be making it back. I did pick out a few things for gifts and stocking stuffers, but that was about it.

I am expecting the Target Easter clearance sale to hit 70 percent off Thursday or Friday, and perhaps the Dollar Spot on Saturday.


Target Easter Clearance

Circo Toddler Shirt on Target clearance at $1.80 (Was $6)

Circo Toddler Shirt on Target clearance at $1.80 (Was $6)

2 x Haribo Gummy Bunnies on Target Easter clearance at $0.70 (was $1.40)

Disney Easter Memory Game  on Target Easter clearance at $2.49 (was $4.99)

Dora Jump Rope  on Target Easter clearance at $1.50 (Was $3)

4 x Pencil 10 packs  on Target Easter clearance at $0.50 each (Was $1 each)

4 x Girls socks  on Target Easter clearance at $0.50 each (Was $1 each)

Cookie Cutters $0.50 each (Was $1 each)

2 x Girl’s hats $0.50 each (Was $1 each)


Tax $0.95

Total out of pocket $16.64

Total saved $19.78


Did you spot any great Target Easter clearance?

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  1. Nice deals! Hope I can score some tonight!

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