May 052013

ALDI coupon

Anna, a Frugality Is Free reader, was kind enough to let me know that there is a $5 off $30 ALDI coupon in today’s Sun Sentinel newspaper. I was thrilled, and my oldest boys were thrilled when I let them go to the gas station for a newspaper. We live right around the corner from a gas station, but it is very rare that I let them go on their own.

So, yes there is a great $5 off $30 ALDI coupon in today’s South Florida Sen Sentinel, it can be found on page 10A.


The coupon expires on May 18th, 2013, so there is plenty of time to use the ALDI coupon.


Thank you Anna!


Did you find an ALDI coupon in your local paper?

  2 Responses to “$5 off $30 ALDI Coupon In The Sunday Newspaper”

  1. Wish I had one near me…my daughter loves shopping at hers and goes often. I will tell her about this for sure…thanks for sharing

  2. […] for my ALDI shopping list this week, it was pretty basic. I had a $5 ALDI coupon with me, but of course I forgot to use it. Thankfully I can still use it next […]

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