May 022013

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This week my kids got spoiled with Keks from ALDI, we called them kiks, when I was growing up. This was a bit of an expensive treat at $1.99, but they sure loved them, and I enjoyed going down memory lane for a taste or two.

For myself I splurged on a new table cloth, as it was a great price. We only have the vinyl table cloths in the kitchen, as it is easy to clean, and with four kids in the house easy is a must.

Other than that I just went to ALDI to pick up our usual produce and basics.

ALDI foods



Keks $1.99

Blackberries $1.59

Vidalia onions $0.79

2 lbs grapes $3.49

6.04 lbs of bananas $2.65

Lettuce $0.79

Cucumber $0.59

2 x avocados @$0.59 each

3 lbs oranges $1.89

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Whole wheat bread 41.49

1 gallon milk 412.89

2 x dozen eggs $1.19

Vinyl table cloth $3.99


Total out of pocket $27.47

Total saved $13 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular store)


What’s your favorite ALDI deal this week?

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  1. I love ALDIs!!

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