May 102013

ALDI foods

Are you ready for summer? Here in South Florida it sure feels like summer already, so I was excited to see the ALDI summer catalog in the store. Have you tried their potato salad yet? If not, I can highly recommend it. We have been eating homegrown/homemade potato salad this week though, but when we run out of potatoes, then I’ll defintely be picking up the ALDI Little Salad bar mustard potato salad.


As for my ALDI shopping list this week, it was pretty basic. I had a $5 ALDI coupon with me, but of course I forgot to use it. Thankfully I can still use it next week…



4 lbs Valencia oranges $1.89

4 lbs naval oranges $1.69

4.58 lbs of bananas $1.52

Roma tomatoes $1.69

Broccoli crowns $1.59

Strawberries $0.99

Strawberries $0.99

Black beans $0.59

Skim milk $2.89

Lemon juice $1.89

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29

Flour tortillas $0.99

Chocolate Creame Cookies $1.79


Total out of pocket $21.29

Total saved $10 (compared to the lowest prices at our local grocery stores)

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