May 262013

Have you won any giveaways this week? I’ve won 2 giveaways, and I am so excited! I won a Pink Blush gift certificate and a gift certificate to Peachy Bambini. I bought a beautiful nursing top at Pink Blush with the Pink Blush free shipping Memorial Day offer, and I bought a set of burp cloths at Peachy Bambini. This week the prizes have been coming in the door, and several have already been put away for gifts.

Have you won any giveaways lately?


Baby Guide

Make sure to enter all of the great giveaways here at Frugality Is Free!



My favorite giveaways this week:

Shupeas Baby Shoes Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/26

New Jammies Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/1

Build A Bear Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/1

I Love Lucy’s Tutus Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 6/1

Chartreuse Canary Giveaway at Mom-A-Logues – 6/6

Couture Flower Giveaway  at Mom-A-Logues – 6/6

Hugs ‘n Stitches Boutique Giveaway at Mom-A-Logues – 5/30

Shahan Rose Giveaway at Mom-A-Logues – 5/30

Little Caesars Giveaway at As They Grow – 6/6

Tempur-Pedic Giveaway at She Scribes – 5/31

Brioche French Toast IHOP Giveaway at She Scribes – 5/31


What are you hoping to win?

  8 Responses to “My Favorite Blog Giveaways – 2 Wins This Week”

  1. Congrats on your wins. So many great giveaways out there, gotta love it!

  2. No wins here–but I am working harder at entering so we will see. Some week I will be announcing a win, I just know it :-). Congrats on your wins.

  3. Any suggestions on how to make sure you receive the prizes you won? I have been entering giveaways for about two months now and have “won” a total of 9 times. I have received 5 of the gifts but haven’t received the other 4. Am I just being inpatient? I’m not sure how “soon” people typically get their prizes. Thanks! And love your site!

    • Erin, I usually wait 6 weeks, then I email the blogger. Some prizes takes a few days to arrive, but it can easily take 6 -8 weeks, as some companies send out the prizes in groups.

  4. I won a $25 Subway gift card from Oh So Savvy Mom blog!!!!! I love reading blogs and entering some of these contests! It really made my entire day when I got the e-mail notification that I had won!!! 🙂

  5. I won a set of lip balms from Money Saving Mom! I was super excited about this one because she is a popular site, and I’ve never won anything from her site before.

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