May 302013

Free Body Wash CVS

I made my first visit to CVS in many weeks today, but I did not spend any money. I got a free full size body wash with this CVS free body wash coupon, and that was it. If the coupon machine had worked, I’d probably ended up spending money, but as usual it didn’t.

You can get your free CVS coupon here.


Did you get your free CVS body wash yet?

  9 Responses to “CVS Free Body Wash (Full Size) – Get Yours Now!”

  1. I’m going to get mine tomorrow! We are heading to FL next week so this will be nice to have for myself! and it’s FREE.. I also had 2 others give me coupons so I can get 3 bottles!

  2. I am going to have to start walking to the CVS store so I can cash in on some of these great bargains . You cant beat FREE for the price. thanks

  3. Got mine printed ready to go–it has a long expiration date which is nice!

  4. I had tried but never received email from them with coupon…oh well.

    • Check your spam folder, that is where I found mine at and it’s from minuteclinic not CVS directly. I had thought the same thing until my mom told me where she found hers.. good luck!

  5. Picked mine up yesterday–I hope this is a sign CVS will be treating us to fun freebies in the future again.

    • I hope you are right Cheryl, I would love to be able to feel welcome at CVS again. For the past many months, I just got tired of the hassle. The products were not in stock, the coupons were not accepted, and the rudeness from the CVS employees made me want to stay far away.

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