May 152013

mott's juice


Our family goes through a lot of juice every month, and despite the fact that we dillute it with water, it always seem that we are running low on juice. So, when a good deal on juice arises, I make sure to stock up. A good price on good juice is $1.25 or less, so I made sure to pick up several bottles of Mott’s Juice on sale at $2 each at Publix this week. To make the deal even better, I used this $1 Mott’s coupon to pay only $1 a deal.
$1.00 off any ONE (1) Mott's For Tots Juice

  2 Responses to “Mott’s Juice Coupon: Only $1 At Publix”

  1. Thanks…I have to pick some of this up. I heard it is also pretty cheap at WalMart but not certain of that. Do you know?

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