May 242013

ALDI foods

ALDI produce

I only had about 10 minutes to run in and grab my ALDI groceries this week, so I just grabbed whatever I needed. What did you get this week?


Our ALDI Deals:

Broccoli $1.59

Strawberries $1.19

Lettuce $1.19

Mini Sweet Peppers $2.59

Mushrooms $1.29

4.56 lbs of bananas @ $0.44/lb $2.01

Watermelon $3.59

Cheese $1.79

2 x whole wheat bread @ $1.29

Milk $2.89

2 x eggs @ $1.19

Coffee $2.79

Rye bread $1.79

2 x yogurt @ $0.39

2 x cookies @ $1.39

Chicken drumsticks $4.01

Instant oatmeal $1.49


Total out of pocket $36.73

Total saved $20 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery store)



  4 Responses to “Quick Aldi Shopping Trip – Saved $20”

  1. Just had hubby run into Aldi this week to grab some pasta sauce–love their pasta sauce on pizza! We have been enjoying our local farmers’ market reopening with lots of great produce.

  2. Our Aldi’s is closed right now due to a fatal shooting that occurred yesterday afternoon leaving one man dead. I’m like seriously!? Aldis?????? Some people amaze me and the bad thing is now even more people are afraid to go there! A store that is so popular, now has to be closed until they are done investigating.. smh.. what has this world come to!

  3. I do not have an Aldi by me, I sometimes drive 45 minutes to the nearest one in order to take advantage of saving my grocery budget. Congratulations on the great buys

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