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Rubens Barn Baby Dolls

Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

With three boys in the family, I am thrilled to have a baby girl to share my love for pretty dresses, my favorite authors and love for dolls and all things pretty. So, when Bellamy Blue was born, I searched all over for the perfect Baby’s First Doll for her. I looked at many first dolls, but I finally found the perfect first doll at Magic Cabin.

Let me introduce you to Molly from Rubens Barn.

Rubens Barn Doll Molly

The boys and I looked through the huge selection of Rubens Barn dolls at Magic Cabin, and we finally decided that the Rubens Barn Baby doll Molly was the perfect match with our baby girl. The Rubens Barn Molly doll has the same caramel skin as Bellamy Blue, the same dark hair with a little bit of curl to it, and the same beautiful dark eyes. My boys had no doubts, Molly was the perfect first baby doll for their baby sister.

Rubens Barn baby doll Molly

As a mother of four multiracial children, I was very excited to have so many skin, hair and eye options to choose from in the Rubens Barn collection. There are not many multiracial dolls available, and I was impressed to see that we could find one that even matched our family’s three different racial backgrounds so closely.

Rubens Barn Doll


Bellamy Blues brothers were also very eager to find the perfect match, when it came to Bellamy Blue’s hair texture, and look what a great fit they found in Molly.


Rubens Barn Doll Molly


Bellamy Blue’s brother Emory also wanted to play with Molly, and he was quite amazed at the resemblance between Bellamy Blue and Molly.

 Rubens Barn Doll mixed



The handmade Ruben’s Barn doll Molly is 17-1/2″ tall, she is machine washable and her clothes is hand washable. Molly comes with a shirt, diaper, and bib, all of which is easy to remove and put back on.

Rubens Barn baby doll

Bellamy Blue already had a spit up incident, which made Molly and her clothing have to go in the washing machine. We are happy to announce that Molly came out just as pretty as she was before she headed for the washing machine. We put Molly on the gentle hand wash cycle, and she came out as good as new.


What We Love About The Rubens Barn Molly Doll:

  • It is a handmade, high quality doll
  • It is soft and cuddly
  • It is machine washable
  • The clothing is easy to take off and put on
  • It looks just like our baby girl
  • She is very tall at 17 1/2 inches
  • The Rubens Barn Baby Doll is recommended for all ages

The craftsmanship behind Molly is impeccable, the details are impressive, and this Swedish born (Chinese made) doll is everything I was looking for in a first baby doll for my baby girl. It is soft, washable, looks like my daughter, and it has been created to last. Molly looks like she is going to be Bellamy Blue’s friend for many years to come.


baby hand doll hand

The Rubens Barn brand is particularly popular in Europe, and I am excited to see that Magic Cabin has such a large selection of Rubens Barn dolls available. Barn means child in Swedish, where the Rubens Doll collection originates, and the Swedes are surely known for creating quality brands.

Rubens Barn logo

The Rubens Barn collection at Magic Cabin includes Rubens Barn dolls of many different sizes, colors, ages and designs. Take a look at all of the dolls available in the Rubens Barn Baby collection.

Rubens Barn Baby Dolls


About Magic Cabin

Magic Cabin is one of the great stores from the Madison brand, and when you buy from Magic Cabin you can always count on quality. Buying gifts at Magic Cabin means having a selection of unique, quality products that cannot be found at the regular big box stores.

magic cabin logo

 Buy It

You can buy Molly and any of the Rubens Barn dolls at the Magic Cabin website.

This Memorial Day weekend you can get free shipping on orders of $49+, when you use the coupon code MCMEM.

You can also enter to win a $300 gift card, when you sign up for the Magic Cabin newsletter.

To stay up to date on the latest Magic Cabin products, sales and promotions, make sure to follow Magic Cabin on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a Rubens Barn Baby Doll of their choice from Magic Cabin as a part of the 2013 Baby Guide.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Guide

Magic Cabin is a part of the Baby Guide at Frugality Is Free, because the store offers lots of fabulous baby products and toys for the first year and beyond. The Rubens Barn doll collection at Magic Cabin is very impressive, and the dolls are great for all ages.



US Giveaway rules

This giveaway will end Wednesday June 26th at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Rubens Barn Doll sample for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the first baby doll from Magic Cabin.

  152 Responses to “Rubens Barn Doll Review & Magic Cabin Giveaway”

  1. My daughter would love to win Emma.

  2. We like Emma or Erik.

  3. I would choose Emma from this collection. 🙂

  4. I would like to get the Mushroom Table and Stools for outside play 🙂

  5. I like Emma

  6. I also like Bath Baby Lotte and Swim Set

  7. I would choose Molly for my daughter.

  8. I’d like Emma

  9. We also like the Fairy Houses

  10. I love the German Waldorf dolls!

  11. molly pls!

  12. would ALSO love – It’s Me Too! Doll

  13. My daughter, Isabelle, would love to win an Emma doll! She loves babies!

  14. I would also love the Super Water slide, the mushroom tent, and the build-a flower set. So many great things on this site!!

  15. I’d pick max or eric for my little guy and we’d love to get him the 123 grow with me push cart/ride on

  16. My favorite is Erik. These dolls are adorable! Thankyou!

  17. we would love the emma doll.

  18. My littlest granddaughter loves Erik she thinks it would of been cool to have a brother…LOL – Rubens Barn® Baby Dolls Collection Erik would need to come to her wishes..

  19. Could have a ball and go bankrupt at the Magic Cabin found alot of things that we like my youngest granddaughter is the one here now and she piked out the Take Along Pocket Fairy Dolls (828699) and this book 1001 Things to Spot in Fairyland, 828688 – Guess you can see that she loves fairies…

  20. I would love to win Emma, she is adorable.

  21. Another fantastic item from Magic Cabin is Family Egg-Decorating

  22. I like Emma

  23. Id love to give my daughters the tree trunk fairy home

  24. I like Emma

  25. my favorite is Emma

  26. would like to give the Barbecue Grill Cooking Set

  27. I’d like to win Molly

  28. emma my niece would love. thankyou, ken

  29. we like Molly best

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  31. I like Emma or Molly. They are really cute.

  32. I would love to get a set of Hop Sacks with Flat Bottom so we could have a family sack race.

  33. Snacktime Versatile Wooden Play Set is one I like

  34. I like EMMA doll

  35. We like the Emma doll.

  36. Emma is super cute….and the Linne line is SUPER cute.

  37. I’d choose Erik.

  38. I like the Nora doll

  39. I like the Jungle Disco very set

  40. I meant Discovery Set

  41. My grandson would like Max.

  42. I like the emma doll

  43. I like the pink bunny animal doll .

  44. I like the Ladybug Thumb Piano.

  45. I like the doll Erik.

  46. The Rubens Barn® Mini Ballerina Dolls are so cute! I’d love to have one of them.

  47. I’d like the Erik doll

  48. Both my girls agree: Emma is their favorite doll!

  49. I love their rope ladder! And its $5 off!

  50. I would get Emma for my daughter

  51. I would pick the Eric doll for my grandkids.

  52. I like the blue tpee and the puppet set.

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  54. Beautiful!!!! Love those sweet soft curls…of both babies! 🙂

    Don’t know what his name is, but I like the little guy that can suck his thumb. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  55. LOVE the Tree Trunk Fairy HOme!

  56. Emma for my daughter.

  57. My daughter would love Emma or Erik

  58. The would be a lot of fun for my kids this summer.

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  60. I like to have the doll Erik

  61. Molly is the one she’d love

  62. emma is so cute. I would just love to win it. I’ve never seen dolls like this.:)

  63. I like Emma!

  64. I would love to win molly

  65. I would pick Max! Adorable 🙂

  66. I like the Molly doll. It most closely resembles my daughter

  67. My daughter would love the 8 piece pretend and play doctor kit with storage case

  68. I like the Emma doll. Thanks for the chance.

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  70. What adorable dolls! My stepdaughter would love Emma!

  71. Max!

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  73. My Granddaughter would cherish the Emma, she needs a pal to go with her everywhere.
    Thanks for the chance.

  74. I would give the Cash Register #864345 It would be fun playing with this for store or any game.

  75. I would choose Molly!

  76. I LOVE the Wood Storybook Play Cabin. This reminds me of some fun times as a child!

  77. Would love to have the Emma doll for my daughter

  78. I’m currently pregnant with our second (not so sure what s/he will look like yet) but I think Erik is simply adorable! I like that newborn clothing would probably fit these dolls! So cute!

  79. The doll I want is ERIK.

  80. I would like the doll Emma. Thanks!

  81. I like the emma doll! too bad they don’t have a brown headed white doll to match my baby!

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  83. I would choose Molly for my granddaughter, Kinlee. Thanks for hosting! These are adorable.

  84. Would love to win “Max” for my son 🙂

  85. I love the 1-2-3 Grow With Me Toy – how CLEVER!

  86. I like molly the best

  87. I would love to give the Grow-With-Me Wooden Rocking Horse with Removeable Safety Surround on the Seat to my best friend’s son

  88. I’d like to have Erik. So cute!

  89. I would choose Molly

  90. I would choose Molly

  91. I think the Gingerbread House Decorating Party Kit would be a nice birthday gift for my granddaughter who loves to make things.

  92. I love molly

  93. I would pick Eric

  94. I also like the Blue Playtime Teepee.

  95. the It’s Me Too! Doll

  96. i would pick the MOLLY doll she’s so cute

  97. I would pick Erik

  98. they are all cute. Like Nora best

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  99. their Super Water Slide would make a great birthday gift!

  100. emma doll

  101. I would choose Emma.

  102. I’d like to win the Emma doll.

  103. I would like to give my daughter Fanciful Bird Wings.

  104. I would like Emma for my daughter

  105. I love Emma

  106. EMMA

  107. The mushroom table and stools would be my pick.

  108. Emma would be my pick. Such a cutie.

  109. I would choose Emma.

  110. my niece would like emma

  111. I like Max.

  112. I would love to win Molly!

  113. I like Flash from their Cosmos Collection

  114. my 7 year old would love the deluxe discovery box

  115. EMMA

  116. We like Emma.

  117. I’d pick Emma!

  118. I’d pick Max.

  119. My daughter would love one of the It’s Me Too! dolls. It would be the big sister to this baby doll. 🙂

  120. I like ERIK
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  121. I would like to win Emma

  122. I would give my daughter an it’s me too doll for her birthday

  123. all SO cute – I pick Molly

  124. I would choose Emma

  125. MOLLY.

  126. I would like Molly.

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  128. I like the Emma.
    She seems cute.

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  130. id love the Molly Doll

  131. I also love the Snacktime Versatile Wooden Play Set, 17 Pieces

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  133. I like Clara

  134. I like Emma

  135. Austrian Wooden Sandbox

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  138. Emma

  139. I would like Emme for my niece’s daughter. I know she would love it and sleep with it.

  140. IF money were no object, I’d love the Steiff Fox Terrier to give my niece’s daughter. Steiff is such high quality that this Fox Terrier would last her lifetime.

  141. I like Emma!

  142. I’d love to win Molly!

  143. I like Emma

  144. I like little anna

  145. I would give it to my niece

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